10 of the Best Free Crochet Patterns for Fall and Autumn Decor!

Decorating with crocheted items is something that my grandmother always did, therefore it is a bit nostalgic for me. During the fall season I would always see things like ornaments and pot holders that she had personally made just for the season. If you are like me and looking for free crochet patterns for Fall and Autumn Decor you have found the right list. I have gathered 10 of the best free crochet patterns for Fall and Autumn and included them all in this one list!

Free Crochet pattern for an Acorn by Planet June – With removable cup, they are about 2 inches tall, quick and easy to make. These acorns are super cute and you can find different ways to decorate with them. Add a few of them to a bowl to sit on your mantle of try to string them together to make a very cute crocheted garland.

Free Crochet Turkey Pattern – Very cute turkey crochet pattern! Quick and easy to make. Tom the Turkey is about 4 inches tall. Great fall colors are included in this pattern, so Tom will fit in with your other decor. Add him to a wreath or to the table centerpiece during Thanksgiving.

Free Crochet Pattern for Indian Corn – It’s never to late for Indian corn! Bundle a few of them together to make an awesome centerpiece for your thanksgiving table. String them together with yarn and make a cute Indian corn garland.

Free Crochet Pattern for Scarecrows – This free crochet pattern teaches you how to make adorable scarecrows. These little guys would look great added to a wreath or just sitting around the house. Recreate your family using the scarecrows! These are so cute that you will want to put them away after fall so that you can use them again, and again.

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Free Crochet Pattern for a Stuffed Pumpkin – Very cute little stuffed pumpkins. They measure around 7 inches when finished. They are big enough to be a stand alone decoration or they would make a great wreath embellishment. Mix them with other crocheted fall decor to create a great fall scene to display in your hallway or entrance way.

Free Crochet Pattern for Fall or Autumn Placemats – Honestly these can be made in any color to suit the type of decor that you are using. Make a set of these to decorate your Thanksgiving table. You can also use them all throughout your house to put your other decor items on top of!

Free Crochet Pattern for Turkey Dishcloth – This free pattern started off as a coaster pattern in the 80’s and was transformed into this Dishcloth pattern. They are adorable and would look great hanging on the wall or to used as an end table place mat! So cute that you won’t wash the dishes with it!

Free Crochet Pattern for a Nut Bowl! – This is a super cute bowl that you can use to hold anything. The finished bowl measure 5″ x 6.5″ Make a few of them to place around your house to catch loose change and keys! Put one on your counter or desk at work and fill with candy, people will love this!

Free Pilgrim Crochet Pattern- A free crochet pattern to create a super adorable pilgrim! I love this little guy. I think that he would be a great gift to give to a child while they are learning about the Pilgrim’s voyage to America or to decorate your home with during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Free Crochet Pattern for Thanksgiving Magnets – Learn to make a turkey fridgie, a crow fridgie, and a scarecrow fridgie with these cute free Fridgie crochet patterns. Remember that magnet will stick to more than just your fridge! Try decorating the sides of your stove or the front of your dishwasher, Never ever ever put magnets on your computer.

Whether you are making a small gift for a friend or decorating your home you will find these Free Crochet patterns for Fall or Autumn useful in helping you create something unique!