10 of the Best Songs from the TV Show House

As a long-standing fan of the TV show House, I’ve seen this series hit both highs and lows. A consistently rewarding element is always the clever inclusion of music. As a musician himself, the show’s main character, House, played by actor/musician Hugh Laurie, writes and performs the occasional tune. Here is a list of my personal top 10 and why I recommend checking them out.

1) “You Can’t Always Get What you Want” by the Rolling Stones: Not just a personal mantra for House, but a telling inclusion in multiple episodes. This appeared in the Pilot for the show and is also in the closing episode of the Season. In addition you can find a rendition of this song sung by Hugh Laurie and a band of TV Stars on the Official House Soundtrack. The Hugh Laurie version is available on iTunes and all proceeds go to charity.

2) “Halleluah” by Jeff Buckley: A haunting and beautiful song whenever it’s played, but coupled with the emotional impact of episode 1, season 2 in which house tries to save a prison inmate on death row whose heart is pumping air instead of blood and consequently has rage issues. Meanwhile Cameron is conflicted about telling a cancer patient she is terminal. The song is haunting and heart breaking coupled with the subject of life and death illustrated nicely by Cameron who says, “My husband- I met him just after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. If I hadn’t married him- he was alone. When a good person dies, there should be an impact on the world. Somebody should notice. Somebody should be upset.”

3) “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse Season 4 Promo Trailer: Paired with House’s history of abuse, “attempts” at Rehab and questionable behavior all highlighted by his adamant refusal to change this song is just brilliant. The trailer features house repeatedly popping pills and all of his colleagues calling him out on his behavior. Drug addiction isn’t funny as a rule, but House’s wit and charm sure make this trailer laugh worthy. Check out Amy Winehouse’s other music, she’s a really stellar artist with a fresh take on doo-whop era crooning.

4) “One is the Lonliest Number” by Three Dog Night Episode 3 “Occams Razor” Season 1: At the close of this episode Dr. House comes upon mysterious small-round-yellow pills and this song is played in the background.

5) Folk singer Joe Purdy has recently been featured on a Kia commercial/ His song, “Rainy Day Lament” appears in Episode 15 “Half-Wit” Season 3 during a high stress internal EEG.

6) Pussy Galore “Kicked Out”: Airing during a great episode in which House plays his usual mind games while trying to pick a new team of doctors. Everyone is subject to House’s mental toying and this song aids House in messing with a patient’s mind to induce seizure.

7) Episode 05 Season 4, “We’re Going To Be Friends”by The White Stripes: This song plays at the close of the episode. It’s particularly pertinent in underscoring the relationships between House and Cuddy, who has just rehired Foreman (whom House previously fired) to oversee House’s actions.

8) Oscar Peterson’s “Hymn To Freedom” (Performed by Hugh Laurie): House tickles the ivories in EPISODE 17 “ALL IN”, another great sampling of Hugh Laurie’s musical talent and a beautiful song that appears throughout the House series.

9) Season 3 Episode 4 “Lines in the Sand” closed with Ben Harper’s song “Waiting on an Angel” illustrating an unusual tender moment with the main character House in which he connects with a severely autistic patient.

10) Season 4 Episode 6 “Whatever It Takes” includes Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s “Whatta Man,” which plays as House’s ringtone. It’s just too funny to not put in the top 10!