10 Perfect Gifts for Teachers – Affordable and Cheap

As the school year or semester closes out, many students are interested in affordable gifts for their teachers to show appreciation that don’t break their budget. For those students with multiple teachers, cheap gift ideas will be necessary so they can afford to give the perfect gift to all their teachers. Here is a quick list of gifts that your teachers will love and appreciate written by a teaching professional.

1. Colorful Dry Erase Board Set of Markers – If your teacher is the kind of teacher who loves her dry erase board and uses lots of colors in the classroom, then she will love a gift of the large pack of dry erase or expo markers. Teachers who love using colors on the boards will agree that you can never have too many markers or colors. Dry erase markers can be found at almost all stores that have a school or office supply section.

2. Burt’s Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Body Lotion – Burt’s Bees Lotions or another nice smelling organic hand lotion are a great choice because teachers use their hands all day whether typing, grading papers, or cleaning up after students leave the classroom. Natural or organic is a good choice because it will please even the fussiest of teachers. These products can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, or grocery store chains for under $10 in the beauty section.

3. Cute Photo Frame – Cute photo frames can be found in clearance racks at Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc. Just think of something the teacher has said, maybe a favorite hobby, or think of her style and buy the frame that appears to be a great fit. If she does not like it, she can always re-gift it again. Frames are versatile.

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4. Gift Certificate for a Teaching Supply Store – Use the yellow pages or a search on the web and find a local teacher supply store. Get your favorite teacher a nice gift certificate for the store, most teachers love shopping at the teacher supply stores.

5. eBay Gift Certificate – eBay has sellers that sell nearly every item that you can think of, many new and at a deep discount. An eBay gift certificate will allow the teacher to buy almost anything he would like, whether that is a pair of designer jeans new with tags or some used books or some art supplies.

6. Small Bouquet of Live Flowers – A nice small mix of cheerful looking flowers in a cute container is a nice way to say thank you. They are pretty while they last and your teacher won’t have to find a permanent home for the gift later.

7. Gift Certificate to a Popular Restaurant – Teachers like to eat too so if there is a popular restaurant in town, consider giving a gift card from that restaurant. Gift cards are affordable gifts, especially if the restaurant will give a discount, for instance $15 will buy a $20 card, etc.

8. Candle Set or One Large Candle – Candles are nice cheap gifts for teachers because most schools or universities will allow the teacher to burn them after the students leave. It is a nice touch to burn a scented candle while grading papers or before school opens so the classroom smells nice to begin the day.

9. Small Water Fountain or Relaxing Noise Maker – Little battery operated water fountains or noise makers that play a variety of relaxing sounds can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, etc. for under $10 or $15. They are nice because they can be displayed on the desk and played throughout the day to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

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10. Small CD Player – these can be found relatively inexpensive and affordable at Big Lots, Walmart, Target, etc. Many teachers forget that that can play music in the classroom, whether it is classical while the students work or songs with lyrics after the students go home. When a teacher has a little portable CD player in the classroom, for some reason, they are more likely to use it. Classical tends to calm students down, so this gift will help his classroom control for years to come.