10 Platinum Wedding Bands

When it comes to platinum wedding bands you have just as many options as you do with any other wedding band. What many want is that special platinum metal that really makes their wedding band stand out form among the rest. The platinum wedding band is also becoming more and more popular among many couples. Keep in mind that choosing to buy platinum wedding bands will cost you plenty. The platinum metal is rare, durable and just plain beautiful which explains the price. First lets explore the various styles of platinum wedding bands that are currently available.

1. The first option is the Domed Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Band. This particular band comes in various widths and the average price seems to be about $1200.00. This particular wedding band comes rounded on the top and the inside which makes for a very comfortable fit. It is also large enough to have a special message engraved on it. If you do shape shopping around you may be able to locate this item for a cheaper price. It also comes in a variety of style. You can also get this style band in Gold/ and Titanium for a much cheaper price. To purchase this band online you can visit www.e-weddingbands.com.

2. The Platinum Millegrain Wedding Band is another favorite among many. It has a beautiful Millegrain beading around the top and bottom of the ring. The average price is about $700. It is also slightly domes and is available in a variety of sizes. The most popular width is the 4mm. You can purchase this particular product at you local jewelry store or you can visit www.overstock.com, who currently has this item on sale for only $467.99. This is definitely a huge discount that should be taken advantage of.

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3. The Tacori Platinum comfort fit scroll engraved wedding band is a very well known. The Tacori name has been on some of the most creative platinum jewelry designs in the world. The Tacori Platinum 4mm wedding band will cost you about $2140.00 at most stores. This particular band has a scroll engraving around the center of the ring, and can be worn by both mean and women. You can find this item at www.overstock.com for only $772.99. Keep in mind however that at Overstock.com you will find that they only have one size which is 6.5 and most of their Tacori bands can not be customized or changed. This is something that you may want to think about before purchasing.

4. The Tacori Platinum 1/4ct TDW Diamond Eternity Wedding Band is another favorite among many. The average price for this band is $2500.00 although you may be able to get it cheaper at overstock.com. This ring may also be available at your local jewelry store so don’t be afraid to ask for it. This particular band has beautiful diamonds in an eternity setting. This particular band is pretty thin at only 3mm and is usually made for smaller hands. If you are purchasing this item form www.overstock.com keep in mind that it is only available in one size and can not be adjusted in any way.

5. The Lucida Wedding Band is another favorite among platinum ring lovers. This is a ring that is exclusive to the Tiffany collection. It is a 6mm wide band that will cost you about $1450 at the Tiffany.com website. All of the Tiffany Platinum rings are 95% pure platinum and 5% ruthenium. It is also color free and is guaranteed not to tarnish in any way. You can also have a personal inscription placed on the inside of this ring, but you will have to ask for pricing information when visiting your local Tiffany Store. Keep in mind that some Tiffany stores do not offer customizing so you will have to find another location to get your ring customized.

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6. The Tiffany Leaf Wedding Band is part of their legacy Collection and looks amazing. It comes in 4.5mm width, and a variety of ring sizes. This ring is exclusive to Tiffany stores and their website. The cost of this wedding band is $1,625, and you can not have any inscriptions placed on it and no customizing. The leaf pattern design the goes around the entire ring is absolutely beautiful and will look amazing on any women. It is made of 95% platinum. It can also be worn by men who don’t think the leaf design is too feminine. You can purchase this band at your local Tiffany location or online at http://www.tiffany.com.

7. The Elsa Peretti Wedding Band Ring can also be found at your local Tiffany store or at their website. This wedding band ring ahs the Peretti signature design. The average cost of this wedding band is $1,750. It is also accented with beautiful diamonds in the front and would be the perfect wedding band for any women on her wedding day. This wedding band is made of 95% platinum.

8. The Channel Round Diamond Platinum Wedding Band has 10 beautiful diamonds in the front. The average price is $1150.00, and comes in a variety of sizes that are sure to fit every women. This particular platinum wedding band is made especially for women who will love the channel setting. The band width is 3mm and can be customized depending on where you purchase it from. You can find this wedding band at your local jewelry store or online at www.skyfacet.com.

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9. The Paisley Platinum Wedding Band is perfect for men or women. The average cost is $1675.00. The width size is 7mm, and has an etched paisley pattern all the way around the band. There are varies ring sizes available. You can find this band online at http://applesofgold.com or at your local jewelry store. It has about 95% platinum and is not customizable.

10. The Tiffany Wedding Band ring is part of the Tiffany Legacy Collection. This ring width is 2.5mm and has a beautiful Edwardian design to it. The best part is that this platinum wedding band will only cost you $875, and can be customized. There are a variety of ring sizes available both online and at the store. It you want to make sure you get the perfect fit you should make sure to visit the Tiffany store located closest to you. You can visit the website listed above and use the store locator to find the nearest location.

Most of the ring listed above can also be purchase in gold, silver or titanium if you decide not to go with the platinum. You should also make sure that any Jeweler that you visit is a part of the Jewelers of America association. This association requires the jewelry stores meet certain standards so you are assured of getting what you pay for.