10 Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Little girls dream of this day for years. Mr. Right has proposed, the attendants have been chosen, and the perfect dress has been bought. Now, how do you choose a hairstyle?

Your hair is one thing that you don’t want to spend your big day worrying about. There are many things to consider when choosing what to do with your hair. Where are you being married? In a church? On the beach? What style dress are you wearing?

According to Brides.com, an up ‘do is a sure way to flatter a backless wedding gown. This web site has a whole gallery of beautiful photos to browse.

The internet is full of images and web sites devoted to hair. Weddinghairstyles.org has a lot of pictures to flip through but not many details as to how the look was achieved.

TheKnot.com is by far the best and most informative web site. This site not only shows you a multitude of wedding hair styles, it also has video to teach you how to re-create the style yourself.

Instyleweddings.com lets you take a look at how celebrities chose to wear their hair on their own special days. Upload your photo on the site’s Hollywood Hair Makeover and try out new styles from the comfort of your own home.

Try your local bookstore for ideas. The magazine shelves are full of Bridal/Wedding magazines. Most magazines have a section on hair in every issue. Look at the pictures! Not just the ones in the articles look at the ads, too. Sometimes the hair on the model is all over the place, but you can also get really good ideas from them. In one wedding dress advertisement, the model had an up ‘do with curls. Vintage looking ribbon was wrapped around her hair, giving it a romantic and beautiful look.

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Find a couple of styles that you like, take them to the hairdresser in advance of the big day. You don’t want to find out the day of your wedding that the style you fell in love with doesn’t suit.

Are you wearing a headpiece? Is your hair short or long? These things will factor into the hairstyle that you can wear. There are so many different options from which to choose.

Will you wear the traditional veil? Are you planning on it covering your face during the ceremony?

Tiaras are still being worn by brides; but they are a bit smaller with less of a “pageant” look so as not to distract from the whole look.

You can wear a tiara and a veil if that is your style. Pictures and prices can be found at bridalfashionmall.com.

Headbands are really in right now. You can go simple and elegant or fancy and decorative. It all really depends on your taste. Inside Weddings Magazine displayed headbands created with pearls and Swarovski crystals. The prices ranged from around $300- $600 each.

Whether you are wearing your hair up or down; tiny crystal hairpins or clips always look gorgeous!

One bride told of how she used a family heirloom brooch and had it attached to her hair as a type of “barrette.” It looked beautiful and meant more than something she could have bought at a store. Being able to use the jewelry made her day that much more special.

If you are going with an up ‘do or a half-up ‘do, decorative combs are also an option.

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Down and flowing hair is great for a beach wedding. If you decide to put it up, staying away from tight conservative styles and sticking with the looser natural up ‘dos are more fitting for the location.

Are you on a budget or just plain crafty? The book, The DIY Bride by Khris Cochran illustrates and details how to make your own veil or tiara.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on putting fresh flowers in your hair; petals are extremely delicate. Though they might look exquisite for the first hour or two, some flowers have the tendency to wilt and discolor quickly.

One piece of advice that should never be ignored is; don’t do anything drastic to your hair right before your wedding! Don’t cut off 10 inches, unless you don’t mind paying for extensions if you decide that you hate the new cut. Don’t get a perm or chemically straighten and don’t drastically change your hair color. If you choose to ignore this advice, please let a professional do the work!

Go with a style that suits you. A style that you are comfortable with and you won’t go wrong. You’ll look beautiful and have one less thing to worry about on the day you are living your “little girl’s dream.”