10 Really Cool Avatar Makers

Ever visited a message board or social networking site and wondered where some people got their cool avatars from, especially if they were done in the style of a popular animated series? Well, wonder no more! On the internet, there are a large number of web sites that enable you to create message board avatars with nothing but a few clicks of the button and your imagination– no artistic talent or Photoshopping skills required.

If you have no idea where to find some, below are ten of the most popular avatar generators, offering avatars in styles ranging in everything from anime to South Park. There are even a few Simpsons-themed makers thrown in the mix. Visit these sites and before you know it, you too will be strutting around forums and other websites with a cool avatar of your own!

I-am-Bored Avatar Maker
Make a goofy cartoon portrait of yourself with this funny avatar maker. To save it to your hard drive, merely make a screenshot, then trim it down in a graphics program.

The Original South Park Studio
With this maker, you can create an avatar in the style of a South Park character using the standard “4th grader’s body”. Not only can you do that, you can also give your avatar objects to hold and add a cool backdrop. Incidentally, it’s called the “original” South Park Avatar Maker because believe it or not, it was the basis for the one that would eventually appear at the official South Park website (see below).

South Park Avatar Maker
Even though this is another version of the original South Park Maker, it has more options to choose from when customizing your avatar. (For example, there are more body types such as Canadian, adult, kindergartener, and 4th grader). Simply choose your body, add clothing and skin tone, and you’re good to go!

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Simpsons Avatar Maker
Create a Simpsons likeness of yourself with this hilarious avatar maker from the Simpsons Movie website.

Simpsonize Me
This is yet another avatar maker based on the Simpsons character designs. Input a picture, tweak a few settings, and you’ll have an avatar faster than you can say “Doh!”

Anime Face Maker
Create a cute avatar of yourself in an adorable anime style.

Face Your Manga
As the title suggests, this maker creates avatars in a manga style. Warning: although the end product is pretty cool, it takes awhile to navigate to the actual maker, so expect to hop and skip through a couple of links before you get to it. It will be a bit frustrating at first but in the end it’ll be worth it.

StorTroopers are odd little pixel people that you can dress in a variety of styles. Simply choose a “wardrobe”, then drag and drop articles of clothing and hair onto your StorTrooper to customize. When you’re done, click “save”, then do a screenshot and trim to use as an avatar.

Yahoo! Avatars
Yahoo! Avatars are Saturday morning cartoon-style avatars that are meant to be used on a variety of Yahoo’s sites. However, you can still use them on message boards and other places by creating a screenshot of the one you’ve made in Yahoo and cropping it in a graphics program.

Create a cute, but goofy cartoon avatar of yourself with this avatar maker.