10 Really Cool Facts About Our Universe

There are some amazing things to learn about our vast universe. We are by no means the center of attention when it comes to amazing things, but when we here on earth take a moment to consider the awe and beauty of the things way, way out there, we can even more fully appreciate our all-powerful Creator.

Fact #1 The diameter of our Milky Way galaxy is so vast that if you could travel as fast as the speed of light (which is 182,282 miles per second), it would take you 10,000 years to cross it!

Fact #2 The average distance between stars within our galaxy is about six light years apart, or about 36 trillion miles!

Fact #3 There are so many galaxies that have been detected that it has been said they are about “as common as blades of grass in a meadow”, according to the 1974 National Geographic.

Fact #4 If our home, Earth, was even a tiny bit closer to the sun, we would burn up. And farther, we would freeze. It is exactly the right distance from the sun, at an average of 93 million miles away.

Fact #5 The speed at which the earth travels around the sun is just right, too – at about 66,000 miles an hour. Any faster and it would be an icy wasteland. Any slower and it would be pulled toward to sun and we would burn up.

Fact #6 The fact that earth makes a complete rotation on its axis every 24 hours is just perfect. If it only rotated completely every year, only one side would face the sun all year and that one side would become a furnace-like desert and no one could live there. And the other side would become a sub-zero wasteland, where no one could live either!

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Fact #7 At the center of every galaxy, even ours, according to Buzzle.com, there is a huge black hole!

Fact #8 When pulsars (which are rotating neutron stars) were first discovered, the radiation that they emitted was actually mistaken for a signal from an alien civilization and was dubbed ‘LGM’ standing for ‘Little Green Men’! Amazing and hilarious!

Fact #9 Like the light that comes from a lighthouse, a pulsar pulses past our home planet of earth every 1.4 milliseconds to 8.5 seconds and are emitting radiation while they do this!

Fact #10 The universe extends beyond our home planet of Earth for at least 10 billion light years and is still expanding more and more!

For more amazing information, including the above amazing facts, be sure to check out the book entitled “Life-How did it get here? By evolution or by creation” published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. And make sure to check out all the neat stuff on Buzzle.com!