10 Reasons to Move To a Beach Town

In this struggling economy, my husband got laid off and I quit…and we moved our family South. Though that sounds a little crazy, since we have lived here, I realize we are not the only ones! The economy has many people seeking a move (or forced to consider one) and like many you may find yourselves saying, “Well, if we are going to move…why not move to the beach!” If this is you, and you are in the throws of considering a dramatic move, possibly to a beachy, vacation town, let me tell you from experience the top 10 reasons this is a fantastic idea.

Number 1: It’s a Bike Life
There is something fabulous about a town where a bike is a more accepted mode of transportation than a car.

Last year at this time, I could not even imagine owning a bike let alone riding it with any dignity. I look like Mary Poppins on a bike. This is what I thought and how I felt. I felt like bikers were just annoying and didn’t really know their place on the road. That was the Midwest, suburban me.

But everyone on the beach seems to own the fat seat, old-style, Malibu Barbie beach Bike…and rides it (I have since learned it is called a “cruiser.”) Why? Because there are bike trails that coexist with roads and if they don’t, most roads are flat.

Of course, my husband will still pass me on the bike path in the car sometimes “do do do-ing” the theme song of the wicked witch of the west….which I don’t really appreciate. But talk about feeling alive. It is as if oxygen flows. Biking also translates naturally to weight loss and that good ‘ole feeling of moving.

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Number 2: The People
Primarily, the people of the South are the kind sort; talkative, happy and all of that southern charm! But here in Florida, it really breaks down to a few types.

Local Hill-Billy – They are usually sweethearts always organizing a beach party or going fishing.

“Snow Birds” – These are older rich folks that are wise enough and smart enough to know that people are people…and they chose to build there 1.7 million dollar home here. They like it. When they are here, they are happy.

“Urban Campers” – These are families that are here on vacation paying a zillion dollars to rent the house next door and they are loving their vacation and one week off work.

All of these types are generally happy folks. All in all, the South offers multitudes of good ‘ole boys who love to hunt, fish, sail and bar-b-que. What is not to love about that?

Number 3: The Beach.
The gulf where we live is clean, clear, vivid blue, or emerald green. The sand is almost pure white and the shore line is deep. There is just really no natural comparison of wonder than the ocean and it serves as a consistent reminder of how small we really are…and something about that is just peaceful.

Number 4: Fine Art
In coastal towns, it seems every other shop is devoted to local artists. This brings alive all kinds of spirit and craft that just isn’t fostered everywhere. It inspires. It creates.

Number 5: Performing Arts
Most people I have met in the South this year play an instrument or love a local band. Live music rings through the town nightly from this grill or that. There is just nothing like a song on the wind to remind you to live life to the fullest and inspire the soul. It is more than Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, or Bob Marley…it is a culture of music and beach towns foster it.

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Number 6: The Weather
It is a stereotype that many people want to retire in the South for this reason. It is no secret the winter is mild and most days are balmy. The weather endorses a lot more outdoor activity and early rising. It is good for the mind and body and makes people feel alive because they are outside and one with the elements more often.

Number 7: The Cost Savings
Bye-bye McDonalds, In many small towns on the coast, there isn’t a fast food restaurant in 30 miles…which really makes you reconsider a “quick” meal or breakfast sandwich. Every trip to “Town” such as the Wal-mart affair is a much planned ordeal with a list in hand. There is less browsing. It will take you too long. The drive is enough to dent your whole day entirely. You may find that your goal is to get in and out – so you can get back on the road. A 30 minute drive with tourism can equal 1.5 hours. Both ways, it is a 3 hour trip plus shop time. The motto is…here is the list. Let’s get it and go before everyone (including me) falls apart.

“Impulse” and convenience buys just don’t happen as much as they do in the city. There is nowhere to impulse and nothing convenient.

Number 8: The Speed
I don’t care what anyone says, small towns…and southern towns (I am not sure which) move slow. I hated this at first, being more from the north. But a year later, I love it. There just seems to be no rush for anyone…ever. And that is just relaxing.

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Number 9: The Service
Customer Service has a new name in the South and it is called NICE. The term “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” are second nature to any native Southerner and a smile is almost as sure. You may not get it fast, but you will get it with a smile in the South.

Number 10: Wildlife
I have never seen anything like the wildlife encountered in the South. From bugs to bears, fish to flamingos, it has been a total education. I am not sure I was expecting this when moving, but it has been so entertaining to see things in the wild I formerly only saw in zoos.

In all, a move can be stressful – especially to a new region altogether. But if you are moving to the South, I think you will find rest and love it!