10 Red Decorating Themes for Kitchens

Red is one of the easiest colors to find a decorating theme for kitchens with. One of the traits that it is known for in interior design is its ability to invoke hunger. Also representing love, it is perfect for the heart of your home.

Share your fondness for cooking and feeding your family and friends by choosing a design scheme that shows that food is your passion. Build a cute and whimsical room with chubby little men in white chef coats and have fun with the space. For more choices on this red decorating theme for kitchens, check out these Cooking (Chef) Design Ideas.

Strawberries, raspberries and apples are just a few of the fruits that you can use as inspiration for the room. You do not have to be stuck with an old fashioned feel, or a completely store bought match look either. Read about Modern Ideas for a Fruit Themed Space for ways on how to make the design your own.

For a traditional look, bring in beautiful ruby roses to decorate a red kitchen. For a contemporary feel use these Ideas for a Black and White Space or pair them with just metal accents with these Ideas for a Modern Monochromatic Look. Either way, keep at least one vase of a fresh bouquet as a main focal point to the room.

Bring in some white and blue and show your patriotic pride at all your family meals. From homemade decor, to pieces of America’s history, this red decorating theme for your kitchen can be vintage or showcase your modern personality. These Ideas for an Americana Space can help you achieve the look you want.

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Fill the room with whimsy using bandannas, horseshoes and pictures of the Old West. Go contemporary with a minimalistic feel using only a few touches such as horseshoes and lots of dark wood accents. Have fun with a more retro look with old pinup advertisements like in these Ideas for a Cowgirl Themed Room.

Speaking of retro, check out How to Decorate a Retro Diner Themed Space for a true nostalgic red decorating theme for kitchens. Pair the color with stainless steel accents, black and white tile touches and reproductions of fifties small appliances and decor to transport yourself back to a simpler time in history.

The color brings up images of marinara sauce smothering big bowls of pasta. Use these Ideas to Create an Italian Bistro in your home when you decorate a red kitchen. The heritage is all about big family meals, filled with homemade food and laughter.

Bring in hues of oranges and yellows with these Ideas for a Celestial Themed Space and have your morning coffee surrounded by sunshine everyday, no matter what the weather is outside. Filling the room with cheeriness is perfect for those who spend a lot of time cooking and baking.

A Goth look is for those chefs that want to really showcase the deepness of their personality with a red decorating theme for kitchens. Bring in these Ideas for a Gothic Themed Room and invite your guests into your lair of magical food and soul-stirring dinner parties. You’ll charm all your visitors into never wanting to leave the heart of your home.

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If many of these ideas appeal to you, check out these Ideas for an Interchangeable Room that you can redecorate to fit your different moods. Not only great for those who love to change up the decor of their homes to match the seasons, it offers an easier way for the space to grow with you as your interior design style changes over the years.

Hopefully, these 10 ideas for red decorating themes for kitchens has stirred your passion and inspired you to make the heart of your home express your heart’s true desires.