10 Romantic Headboard Design Ideas

When the right headboard is used, it becomes the focal point of the entire bedroom. Using alternative headboard design ideas is an easy way to add visual interest to the entire space and create a jumping point for the rest of the room in terms of decorating. We’ve listed several romantic headboard design ideas that steer clear of traditional wood designs, and take up less space by using unique materials in their place. Whether you’re looking to use a unique store bought item, or want to make something entirely from scratch, we’ve got just the romantic headboard design idea for you!

Vanity mirror – Remember the pretty mirrors that came attached to makeup vanities? Those mirrors were the very reasons all of us little girls wanted a vanity! They were just so darn feminine and dainty. Well, those same vanity mirrors look great behind the bed too, and are a quick way to make a romantic headboard. They go with virtually any d├ęcor theme, and can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Picket fence – Create a quaint, yet romantic headboard by using a single paneled white picket fence. Secure it safely to the wall and install a long shelf roughly a foot above the fence. Then, decorate the shelf with fresh flowers and plants for a romantic feel.

Long flowing curtains – Have long flowing curtains? Try hanging them on the wall above the bed, at about 6′ height, and tying them in the center with a decorative tassel, scarf, or other decorative item. This creates a romantic headboard that can be put together in about an hour.

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Panel door – Visit your local antique store or flea market and search for an old panel door. Then, cut in down to size, sand it and repaint it. Secure some of your favorite framed photos within the panels to create a romantic headboard.

Hanging bed canopy – Nothing says romance like a canopy bed. There’s just something sexy about those flowing fabrics that encase the bed in privacy. With the use of a hanging bed canopy, hung behind the bed, you can create a romantic headboard that doubles as a quick escape from the rest of the world. You can purchase a hanging bed canopy kit at bed & bath stores, home improvement stores, and even some department stores.

Bamboo – Here’s an exotic headboard design idea that won’t break the bank, and it’s an easy project you can do at home. Use a new bamboo floor mat and a handful of other supplies to make a bamboo headboard. Learn more here.

Garden trellis – Add a truly unexpected element to the bedroom by using a garden trellis as a romantic headboard. Believe it or not, it looks great! You can use a metal garden trellis or a wood one, and place it right behind the bed. Most are already the perfect height and width, but if not, add two in place of a headboard.

Tapestry or quilt – Give the illusion of an actual headboard by using a colorful tapestry or quilt in its place. This romantic headboard design will free-up ample space in the room, and create a beautiful focal point that can be easily accented with other fabrics on bedding, draperies, and so on.

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Valance and draperies – Elongate the wall behind the bed by installing a valance near ceiling height. Install sheer draperies behind the valance, which will flow beautifully and create a romantic headboard similar to a canopy.

Mirrored room divider – This romantic headboard design is quick and easy to set up! Purchase a mirrored room divider and place it behind the bed. This idea works especially well if you have your bed positioned in a corner of the room.

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