10 RV Camping Tips for Seniors

If you’re a senior who’s ready to embark on the exciting world of RV travel, here are a few helpful hints to make your trip out of this world.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Plan Your Route
Planning your route in advance will help you reserve popular in-season RV campsites. A frugal tip is to use your local library for planning your trip. Libraries have fabulous resources available and best of all, most are free. Also make sure you create an itinerary of interesting attractions you’d like to visit along your route. Always use RV designated campsites for your safety and convenience. Many state parks offer RV designated campsites and are usually cheaper.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Reduce Weight
Think of it as putting your RV on a diet. The less your RV weighs, the better the gas mileage you will get on the road. Look for every opportunity to reduce weight. Take only what you need for your first two days of travel. You can always go to the store or refill water tanks when you get to your destination. Carry smaller amounts of necessary items like food and coffee. The smaller and lighter, the better.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Go Green with Dinnerware
While it may be easier to use disposable plates, cups and cutlery, using lightweight reusable dinnerware is more economical and will help you save on weight.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Buy Dehydrated
Buying dehydrated foods like soup and fruit is a great way to save on weight and keep a variety of quick to fix foods on hand.

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RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Inflate Those Tires
Make sure your RV tires are fully inflated. If tires are low, your gas mileage will suffer. Take a quick minute to check tire inflation before getting on the road each morning. Most RV campsites offer a tire inflation machine.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Make a Checklist
Making a checklist of items you will need on your trip is a great way to make sure you don’t forget anything. Some items you may not want to be without include extra batteries, extra memory cards for your camera (or film), maps and guides for areas to which you are traveling, sunscreen, bug spray, games (like a deck of cards), lawn chairs, umbrellas, toilet paper and a grill.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Travel Off-Season
Traveling off-season is a great way to save money on your RV camping trip. Depending on where you are traveling, there may be different peak travel times, but generally summer is the busiest travel time of the year. During summer RV travel, you will pay higher prices and encounter more crowded conditions. During the off-season, many RV campgrounds and nearby attractions offer discounted rates. Also make sure you ask for senior discounts wherever you go.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Pack an Emergency Kit
Some items you may need include road flares, a lighter or matches, a flashlight, tools, first aid supplies or a folding shovel. Packing a first aid emergency kit is always a good idea. Make sure it includes bandages, antibacterial cream and pain relievers.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Don’t Shop RV Stores
Sure RV stores offer everything you need in one stop, especially if you need to buy replacement parts for your RV. But prices on items like toilet paper at these stores is sky high. Instead, shop dollar stores and discount chains like Wal-Mart and K-Mart for the best prices on RV camping essentials. Dollar stores also have great deals on groceries. Avoid convenience stores and supermarkets which have higher prices. Another hint, you don’t need special RV toilet paper and the like. Buy the cheap stuff. It works just as well. Roadside fruit and vegetable stands are a great source of fresh produce when travelling.

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RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Make Fewer Stops
Making fewer stops and spending more time at each destination will not only save you money, it will also make your trip more relaxing. You will not only save money on gas, but RV campsites often give discounts for longer stays. Spending more time in one location also allows you to do more exploring of nearby attractions. Searching online or buying a newspaper for the area you will be staying is a great way to find local events and activities. You might even be able to catch a flea market or a few garage sales.

RV Camping Tips for Seniors: Eat In
Don’t eat meals out. Cooking all your meals in your RV not only saves the senior traveler money, it also allows you to follow any special dietary restrictions you may have. Don’t want to spend your RV vacation cooking? Make meals ahead of time and store them in your RV fridge.

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