10 Simple Ideas to Makeover Any Room!!

Have you ever wanted to makeover a room but you are afraid of spending too much money? Well, the good news is now you can redo a room on a budget. I have ten ideas that can help you redesign any room on a budget. So, pick a room you want to makeover. Keep in mind that simple changes can be the most productive. Some of the most striking rooms will have very little furniture or decor. Decorating is about making a statement or creating a feeling. One of the simplest makovers can be done in a living room or dining room. Here are a few decorating tips that can really re-make a room.

1. Paint, paint, paint!!- Changing the color of all of the walls or just one wall you want to make a statement on can be very inexpensive. A gallon of paint can average from 8.00 up to 20.00 if you go with a designer paint or custom paint.

2. Pictures- Take a collection of old photos, or photos that have great meaning and copy them in black and white. Buy frames of all sizes and shapes. Make a nice wall arrangement or shelve them for an interesting display. You can even combine these options and do some on a shelf, and a few on the wall to draw the eyes to a certain area of a room.

3. Stencils.- Stencil a border or add stenciled images in one corner of a room near a comfy chair. Use a metallic paint to catch the eye. You can even do a simple stencil on furniture, just don’t over do it. Remember to keep it simple.

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4. Curtains- Curtains can really update a room. Changing your curtains can really freshen up a room. Keep an eye out for sales at department stores or even flea markets. A lot of times you can get bargains on these items if you keep an eye out for sale flyers.

5. Potted plants – Plants can really make a room feel homey. Just don’t over do it. Some rooms may not need plants, depending on what room you decide to do . If you are doing a kitchen I would suggest maybe using fresh fruits like lemons or green apples in a dish to add some color and life.

6. Candles- Adding a few candles can also brighten a room and make it feel more personable. This is a quick inexpensive addition to any room.

7. Rearrange- This doesn’t cost a thing! The only thing you will need is a little muscle and a little help. Grab a helper to rearrange furniture to make a more intersting display. Remember to keep chairs and couches in a usable distance. Don’t spread them out so far it is no longer practical.

8. Pillows- Buy colorful pillows in different shapes and sizes. Add them to your chairs or couch. No sense in replacing the couch unless it is really beaten up or worn down. Just add some character by adding pillows.

9. Lighting- Buy a couple of lamps whether they be floor lamps or a nice table lamp. Lamps can be pretty inexpensive if bought from a home goods store or a superstore. Remember to keep an eye on the sales ads. Sometimes you can get housewares at 40-50% off.

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10. Rugs- Change your rugs. Once again, look for the bargains. Or go to a wholesale carpet distributor and pick out some carpet you like and ask them to cut and bind the material in the size you want. This will be cheaper than buying a floor rug from a retail distributor.