10 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

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Want to instantly transform your home into a summer getaway? Here are 10 simple summer decorating ideas that you can use to spruce up your home for the summer. During the summer, most people adapt to a “less is more” mindset. Summer is a great time for homeowners to make a few simple changes and turn their homes into a summer sanctuary . Summer decorating is all about creating a light and airy feeling, and making your living space feel casual. In this article, you’ll find summer decorating ideas that won’t cost a lot and are easy to accomplish.

Summer decorating idea # 1 – Replace accent and throw pillows with brighter colors and lighter fabrics. With the right selection, outdoor furniture pillows work beautifully for indoor summer decorating. Select from solid colored pillows, summer striped fabrics, and lightly printed pillows to fit an décor.

Summer decorating idea # 2 – Remember that summer decorating is light and simple. Take down the heavy drapery from windows and put away throw blankets. Flowing sheers make perfect window treatments for the summer, and can be found at many locations at an inexpensive price.

Summer decorating idea # 3 – For an inexpensive summer decorating idea, remember that fresh flowers and lush green plants bring a feeling of the outdoors in, so be generous with their placement. (Houseplants also help improve the air quality in your home) If you have an outdoor flower garden, you can have fresh flowers in your home all summer long, which makes a great money-saving idea.

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Summer decorating idea # 4 – Put away the knick-knacks you keep up all year long, and replace them with fun summer ones. Seashells, porcelain vases, lighthouses, glass picture frames, floral statuettes, and even personal summer photographs are just an idea of the type of items you can display in an attractive manner for a few summer months.

Summer decorating idea # 5 – Change your lampshades in your living space. Lampshades can be purchased very inexpensively, but make a dramatic change in the room. Select a light colored lampshade that will emit more light than usual, and the lighter fabric will help brighten up the room.

Summer decorating idea # 6 – Another inexpensive summer decorating idea is to add a coat of fresh paint to your walls. Even if you simply repaint the walls their existing color, it will brighten up your entire space. Paint door frames, window panes, and all trim work with a high-gloss, bright white paint to make everything look new and refreshed.

Summer decorating idea # 7 – If it is within your budget, add a few pieces of wicker furniture to your home. Wicker always reflect a casual, airy ambiance, and looks great with almost every home decor.

Summer decorating idea # 8 – Add a bowl of fresh fruit to your dining room table. Bright red and green apples, or colorful lemons and limes, will add a beautiful splash of color and make the room smell great too.

Summer decorating idea # 9 – Change wall art and other wall décor with fun, sunny prints. Beach scenes, sunsets, summer art, or even bright and funky abstracts look great in a summer themed room. Stay consistent with your color scheme, but try a different angle at the same time. For example, if you usually stick with neutrals and subdued colors, brighten them up by adding yellows, reds, and other coordinating colors.

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Summer decorating idea # 10 – Rearrange your furniture to give the room a whole new look. Pull large pieces away from the wall, and create a cozy sitting area where you can relax with friends and family. Add a new area rug to help define the space and add fresh color to the room.

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