10 Small Dog Breeds that Love Children

Not all small dog breeds love children. Some are too fragile for playing with little children. Other small dog breeds can be as temperamental as toddlers. And yet small dog breeds can be ideal playmates for little children exactly because their small size ensures that they will not knock children down accidentally or play too roughly. So for a family with children, here are 10 small dog breeds that love children and are laid-back enough not to mind a little paw tugging if it does not hurt.

#1. Pomeranian

A delightful, playful small dog breed, Pomeranians love children and make happy, amusing childhood companions. Docile with children, this small dog breed will love playing with children who know how to be gentle with a small dog, and will provide hours of amusement when it’s too rainy to go out. Pomeranians love running but will enjoy playing indoors just as much, if there’s someone there to toss toys for them. Though the natural tendency of this small dog breed is to express himself loudly and often, a little training can teach Pomeranians to keep a little of their feisty songs to themselves. And though small, Pomeranians will bark a warning at approaching strangers and will prove fearless before other dogs, regardless of size. Regular brushing will keep this small dog breed looking adorable and puffy, the ideal playmate for gentle children, or children living in a small apartment.

#2. Border Terrier

A delightful, spunky dog, the Border Terrier loves children and will make an affectionate small family pet who will enjoy running and playing. This small dog breed is especially friendly and extremely intelligent, making him easy to train with how to play with little children. And the border terrier will guard children affectionately and warn of any approaching danger. Best of all, this small dog breed requires no more grooming than an occasional bath. Children are sure to love their Border Terrier and enjoy teaching them all sorts of tricks. And this small dog breed will love children with all his small might.

#3. Pug

The pug is a small dog breed that not only loves children but is so easy going and funny that children will find him a delightful companion. Patient and hard to annoy, this small dog breed enjoys playing and exercising, though not too much, making the pug an ideal companion for little children who don’t wish to spend all afternoon running. Though too laid back to be a guard dog, a pug will bark a warning if he senses any danger, and with other dogs this small dog breed will prove just as friendly as with children. Easy to groom with their short fur, pugs require only a little brushing to keep their fur shiny. In short, if you don’t mind a little snoring, pugs are an ideal small dog breed that loves children.

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#4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are kind and loving. This small dog breed enjoys running and playing and is so gentle by nature that this spaniel makes an ideal companion for children. Grooming is required weekly, especially around those lovely long ears, but a little brushing and feathering keeps this small dog breed looking beautiful. And just as laid back as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is with children, so he is with other dogs, making him not the ideal guard dog perhaps, but certainly one who will bark a warning when necessary. For children who want a playful friend, this small dog breed is a wonderful furry friend.

#5. West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is a small dog breed that loves children to bits. Playful, frolicsome and delightfully happy, the West Highland White Terrier is full of life and zest, and loves playing and running, chasing balls around the yard, and fetching toys until the sun sets. An ideal playmate for children, this small dog breed will tire even the most energetic toddler and will enjoy playing with other dogs as well. Alert and ready to warn his family of any danger, this small dog breed is not just a pretty face. And grooming is easy, with simple brushing required to avoid tangles and simple haircuts every few months. This is indeed a delightful small dog breed that loves children and will add spunk to their play and happy childhood days.

#6. Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear is a small dog breed that loves children and is one of the most affectionate furry friend on the planet. Loving kissing, petting and playing, this gentle, small dog breed is a loyal companion that will want to follow children everywhere. Grooming, for this little fellow, is a bit of a challenge, but just following a few practical grooming tips for long-haired dogs will do the trick. Incredibly easy to train, the Coton de Tulear just wants to please and will behave like a gentleman (or lady) every time. The only drawback to this loving small dog breed is the price of puppies, but rescue organizations in your community may have mixed breeds looking for the perfect home.

#7. Miniature Schnauzer

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The Miniature Schnauzer are a loving, playful dog breed that are especially easygoing and patient with little children. Loving exercise and running, this small dog breed is ideal for active children who love to play out of doors. The Miniature Schnauzer are slightly suspicious by nature and make excellent watch dogs over the children in their care. And with other dogs, this small dog breed is playful and rarely quarrelsome. A little grooming four times a year along with bi-weekly brushing, will keep this wonderful dog breed looking his best. Hands down, the Miniature Schnauzer is a small dog breed that loves children and will make a fantastic pet for young families.

#8. Sheltie

The Shetland Sheep dog is a small dog breed that loves children, playing, running and barking. Full of life, this small dog is a smaller version of the collie, and just as loyal and fun to own. The Shetland Sheep Dog, called Sheltie for short, are stunning dogs that come in brown and white or black and white. Though requiring regular brushing, the fur of this small dog breed is silky and shiny naturally. The natural love of herding sheep can be very amusing for little children, who can run and play with a sheltie. Though of all small dog breeds, Shelties love to bark the most, they are also excellent watch dogs, who will bark vociferously at any sign of someone suspicious approaching the little children they are guarding.

#9. Jack Russell Terrier

Smart and easy to train, the Jack Russell Terriers are a small dog breed that loves children and life and everything nice. Insouciant and vivacious, this small dog breed will love playing and will not settle for children vegetating in front of the television, when play and fun are just around the corner. Easy to groom with only a little brushing required to keep their short fur healthy, this small dog breed is never aggressive with other dogs, though knows how to defend himself and stand his ground. Best of all, Jack Russell Terriers make wonderful watch dogs that will warn of the approach of strangers. This small dog breed loves children and will add a sense of joy to their life.

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#10. Miniature Poodle

Intelligent and affectionate, Miniature Poodles love children and make caring, sensitive small family pets. Easy to train and full of energy, this small dog breed just adores fun and games and can’t get enough of them-just like children. And with this common trait, Miniature Poodles and children establish a strong bond of affection. Though little, this small dog breed will prove devoted and loyal and will bark a warning to those he loves at the sign of any danger. Requiring trimming four times a year, the miniature poodle can look as puffy or as groomed as you like, and will prove a loving furry friend to children and adults alike.

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