10 Steps to Creating a Homemade CD Case

A CD case is something that everyone needs, but few people seem to have. Using these ten easy steps, you can create a beautiful, and homemade CD case.

1. The first step is to assemble all of your tools and supplies.

-1 large piece of cardboard, or a thin and flexible wood

-a large piece of fabric

-scissors/X-acto knife


-embroidery thread

-large needle

-blank CD

-extra strength glue


2. Lay the cardboard or wood piece on a flat surface, and determine how large you want the CD case to be. You can use the blank CD as a guide, but remember that you need an additional few inches around each CD to fit the pocket.

3. Using your knife/scissors, slowly cut out the shape of your CD case. This will be folded in half, so make sure to double your original plan.

4. Set your outline down on your fabric piece, and mark your fabric to the desired shape, including a few inches that will be glued down onto your cardboard. To make that future step a little easier, try to include a “V” shape at the top of your fabric. This will give you something extra to work with later.

5. Now you will need to completely cover your wood, or cardboard with glue. Spray adhesive works very well because it provides an even coating, and dries quickly. Once the glue has been applied, quickly place the piece down on the fabric, and smooth out with your hands to alleviate any air bubbles. Then you will need to cover the piece with something heavy, and let it sit for a few hours.

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6. The next step is to complete the flap that will keep the CD case closed. You will need to cut out a small section of your fabric into a piece 4″ by 2″. Now cut a small slit into the piece, and using your embroidery thread, stitch it to the back of your CD case.

7. You will now need to attach your button to the front of the CD case, and there are two options. The first way is to punch two small holes into the CD case, and thread your button on through the holes. The second option is to hold the button in place with a small dab of extra strength glue.

8. You can now bend the case in half, and loop the button through the slit you cut in the flap. This is the perfect time to make sure everything fits together correctly, and fix any problems you may find.

9. Now take the extra fabric included in the supplies section, and cut into various pieces. These should be the same size as your CD holder, but with an extra three inches applied to the bottom. Once the pieces are cut, fold up the bottom flap, and use the glue to hold them in place.

10. The last step is to insert the pages you just made, into the CD case. The easiest way to do this, is to take one page, and glue the edge onto the inside edge of the case. Then add additional pages on top of each other in the same way.

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This project can be adapted to create scrapbooks, journals, and photograph albums as well.