10 Steps to the Perfect Car Delivery

Delivering a new car can be very frustrating at times. So much can go wrong. So many things can be scrutinized. You work very hard studying your products. Being able to fire off quick truthful answers isn’t going to be easy especially if you are new in the field. You meet and great your customer. You go through all the formalities and even sit in the car sometimes fearing your life on a test drive. You call back and then cold call. Customers aren’t always pleasant. Customers are always right. You sit. You negotiate. You close the deal. Most of the work is now complete. Although, the toughest part is over, the most important part hasn’t even started.

The turn over rate at most car dealerships is relatively high. Not enough customers and very stringent in house rules only worsen the situation. If you are serious about your career as a sales consultant then you must follow through with all your promises even after the delivery process has been completed. The longer you are in this business the easier things will come. Your career starts when your first lease returns to the dealer to either re-lease, buy or walk away. It is vital to deliver a brand new car in a way that is remembered on a positive note. Repeat business is the bread and butter of the car sales industry. The more repeat customers the more monthly sales. Volume is usually a good problem for your sales manager to deal with and a great situation to put yourself in. To succeed in this business you must have a painless yet professional delivery. Please follow these simple rules to make life easier for everybody involved in the situation.


This step can be done on the phone, in person or at the time of the sale. It is very important that your customer knows to put aside at least forty five minutes to deliver a brand new car. One and a half hours is a little more than necessary to deliver a brand new car but it is better to take your time then to rush them out the door. Let the customer know you are going to be thorough in your explanations and walk around. Casually portray that they will leave with no questions unasked and with a big smile on their face. Also, be clear that ordered cars will take longer than ones that are on the showroom floor. The dealership has policies and their are other people having cars delivered everyday. Your customer is special but you need to control the situation as much as possible.


Set the appointment for the new car delivery. Call the customer on the phone and discuss the delivery date. Give the customer some options. People love being able to pick things for themselves, especially the day their car will be delivered. Remember this is a special day for most people. Some car manufacturers take a long time to produce and deliver cars to smaller dealerships. Some of the accessories might have been ordered so factor the delivery date of the items into the delivery of the new car. Please note how long your customer waited and express your concern with their personal lives. Find out who will be present at the time of the new car delivery.


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The day before the delivery of a new car can be a very crucial time. This is when you should go over a copy of the contract that was written. Locate the vehicle and observe all the parts and accessories that are installed. Take some time to figure out how the blue tooth or navigation systems work so they can be explained the next day. If parts are missing inquire about them. A lot of accessories are not kept in stock and must be delivered. If the parts ordered are not installed at this time do not panic. Most accessories can be installed during the cars first oil change or right before delivery. This oil change is often used to soften the blow of an unexpected error and is sometimes given away if not free to begin with. After making sure everything is up to par and you have figured out all the new gadgets, find out where the new car will be kept for the night.


The day of the new car delivery clean your desk or work area. Make sure there are enough chairs for the customers to sit comfortably. Sometimes more people are expected so know where to get an extra chair or two. Organization will prove to be your secret weapon. Get all the paper work in order and ready to be presented. Locate all sets of keys and the new car manual. Make sure all discs for navigation systems are present. Also, it is recommended to gather all gadget guides and have a place for them. A confirmation phone call is a good idea about a few hours ahead of time unless it is an early morning delivery. In that case make the phone call the night before.


Be ready for the new car delivery. Greet the customer as soon as they walk in the door. Appointments are made for a reason. Try not to keep them waiting. Of course, there will be exceptions. Sometimes things can not be avoided or just change unexpectedly. Do not panic. The customer will see your sincerity if you are honest and open about the situation. A few minutes never hurt anybody but make sure it is as few minutes as possible. Immediately let the sales manager know they have arrived and offer an introduction for the customer. Sit them down at your work area and make and offer coffee or water. Also, let them know where the bathrooms are located. Being comfortable is key to the making a new car delivery. After everyone is situated, sit down and be as personable as possible. This might come hard for some people but then maybe you should think over your career as a sales consultant. Ask the customers how their day was and make some small talk while you prepare the paperwork. Try to avoid jokes. Customers are strangers. Do not get overly comfortable with your wit or sarcasm it could affect your income.

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Most customers would like to at least view the car before they go over the paperwork. Entertain that idea and be ready to bring them to the vehicle. Once you arrive at the vehicle unlock all the doors and be quiet. Step back a few feet and watch them observe the car. If there are any components that they were looking forward too step forward and show them. Try to limit what you say here. The more conversation the more the customer has to think about things, to look for things, and to scrutinize. Answer any questions at the time but remind them that you will go over everything once you finish up the rest of the delivery. Bring the customers back to the desk as soon as possible. Time on the floor means more money in your pocket. Try to be as thorough as possible but do remember you need to talk to other prospective customers as soon as you can.


It is time to go through the paperwork with your customer. Go over the contract first. This is what they shopped for months about. The new car delivery should be painless so let them hold the contract and view it with as much time as they need. You will find that this takes less than five minutes on the average. If there is a trade in or a lease return go over that paperwork next. Get monetary values out of the way first in the new car delivery. If there are any mistakes or errors on the contracts do not panic. Most papers can be printed up within minutes of alterations. While the sales manager is fixing the issue bring the customer back out to the car and start to show them the exterior features. Also show them some boring equipment like the jack, spare tire, fuse boxes and other items that your going to have to showcase later anyway. If there is going to be an extended wait for the paperwork proceed to show them all features of the car. Take as much time as you need because you will not have to do it later. If there are no problems then continue with the paperwork as necessary. Make sure there are copies of the licenses of all parties bound to the deal. Make sure they sign the back of the temporary registration, certificate of sale and all other items that solidify the deal. When the paperwork is finished get all receipts together and put them in a small folder that the customer can take with them.


Delivering a new car also means going though the owners manual and all instructional materials. Make sure you fully explain and warranties and maintenance packages. They will ask you questions about the warranties of the new car you are delivering. These books are confusing and boring. It is important you are thorough but is also important that you do not raise too many concerns. This step is also where you can sign the customer up for the manufacturers website. Email addresses will soon be a standard if not already. Let them know exactly where and how to get service. Introduce your customer to the service department manager at the end up this step. Dealerships will appreciate the work you are doing and promotion of the service department is part of your job.

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Here is where you actually deliver a new car. Have the new car positioned in a spot that makes it stand out. Also make sure all doors can open and there is a direct line of travel off of your lot. When first approaching the car unlock it and keep your distance for a good thirty seconds or so. Watch your customers as they glow over their new vehicle and start to inspect. It is crucial now to step in and take control. Show them the things you think they are most interested in right away. Spirits must be kept high at this time. Have a checklist present of what you need to go over in the new car delivery or just keep practicing with other employees. You need to know how to operate all gadgets. Manufacturers issue surveys to their customers to grade the performance of their employees and their dealerships. Some programs are better than others but to maximize your income you must maximize the survey scores. If you do not like the color of the car or the model type it is highly recommended that you fake it. Sea foam green never looked so good as you get into more detailed and tedious parts of the new car delivery. Show the customer where the jack and spare tire are located. Pop the hood and show them all the important caps and fills. The customer has the right to know where all the fuse boxes are. There is often a separate fuse box under the hood that is very easy to forget about. After all this is completed and you wave your customer on your job is still not complete.


The follow up is one of the most import parts of the new car delivery. It is recommended that you call the customer the next day to make sure all the questions were answered. It is also proper etiquette to call the customer exactly one week from the time of the new car delivery. This way when they do get a survey from the manufacturer you score as best as possible. If all steps are completed in detail you will have no problem succeeding in this business. If it is not provided for you make a checklist and honor it every time you deliver a car. Commissions are great when you are scoring big. Repeat business is what your career is made out of so strive to do your best. Good luck and always be closing. You cannot deliver a car without first selling it.