10 Things New Hockey Fans Need to Know

Let me start by saying I am NOT a fan of sports. In general, I find them to be pretty boring and I don’t always understand what’s happening. While my husband can watch sports all day long, and be quite content, I would prefer to read a book. During football season, I usually feel like an outcast at work and around friends. Everyone seems to enjoy sports besides me. Except when it comes to hockey. In this article, I will share 10 things new hockey fans need to know before they attend a hockey game. This includes hockey terminology, interesting hockey facts, and more.

My enjoyment of hockey took me completely by surprise. I had no idea that there was a sport out there that I could actually enjoy. But after seeing just one hockey game live, I was hooked. There’s something very appealing about the roughness of the game, coupled with the gracefulness of the ice skating. I find a hockey game to be exciting the entire time; not a single dull moment. It was at my first hockey game, that I finally understood why people get so worked up over sports. I felt an adrenaline rush just from watching the game, and that was something I had never experienced before.

If you are planning on attending a hockey game soon, here are 10 things new hockey fans need to know . Something as simple as knowing basic hockey terminology and interesting hockey facts, make all the difference when you attend a game. These are things I wish I had known before MY first game.

1. A hockey games consist of three periods. There are no quarters or half time breaks. (I’ve noticed hockey fans get pretty annoyed when they overhear someone referring to the breaks as quarters)

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2. There are cheerleaders at hockey games. I had no idea! The girls typically stand on the side of the ice, in groups of two or threes, and lead the crowd in supporting the team.

3. Dress in warm clothing. Don’t dress in layers, but dress in a sweatshirt or something similar. To keep the ice at a cool temperature, the arena tends to be a little chilly.

4. Wear team colors! Everyone at the game is wearing colors of one of the teams playing. If you aren’t in one of those colors (preferably the home team’s color) you will stand out. Because I attend Carolina Hurricanes hockey games, I like to wear red. Although they’ve recently switched to sometimes wearing black.

5. The players fight. It’s okay. They’re allowed to fight. In fact, the officials allow them to continue fighting until they fall down. Wee hoo! The fights are great!

6. When the puck is in play, you aren’t supposed to walk up and down the aisles of seats. If a puck were to fly into the stands, you don’t want to be standing up. People have been killed that way. If you see a staff member holding a sign asking you to stay seated, listen. It’s for your own safety.

7. The big machine that comes out and smoothes down the ice before and during intermission, is called a Zamboni. The name is fun to say, and now you wont have to ask other people what it is! (There’s your first lesson in hockey terminology)

8. Souveniers wont be carried around the seating area to be purchased. (See # 6 for an explanation) If you see a souvenir you like in a shop, buy it. Don’t wait till they’re brought around. The same goes for the food.

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9. During the hockey game, you’ll likely hear the term “hat trick”. I had no idea what this was, and it confused me. A hat trick is simply what it’s called when one player makes three goals in one game. Understanding simple hockey terminology makes the game more enjoyable.

10. Throughout the game, you’ll hear the expression Power Play. Not knowing what a Power Play is, can be confusing. When you hear this term used, it simply means that one team has more players on the ice than the other. That’s because someone on the opposing team has done something to be put in the penalty box. (the penalty box is where players go when they’ve done something wrong)

There you have it! 10 things new hockey fans need to know. Now be warned! Once you see a hockey game live, be prepared to become a fan! As I said, I hate sports. But I love hockey. The games are filled with action the entire time. Players are constantly rotating positions, and they do it so quickly, you hardly realize it’s occurred. The game is a rough one, and there is a lot of slamming of bodies against the walls, but that’s part of the fun. It’s like watching a boxing match, a game of soccer, and an ice skating show, all at the same time.

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