10 Things Not to Bring to the Beach This Summer

The sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, sand toys, and towels are all packed. Time to go to the beach! Most people wrack their brain thinking of what items they need to bring for a relaxing trip to the beach. Just as important as what you need to bring however, is what not to bring to the beach.

Here is a list of items that should stay home during your next trip to the beach.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Pets
Not only are pets prohibited on most beaches, it’s just a bad idea to bring them. It’s not that Fido’s barking is a nuisance, although to some people it is. Pet waste is the main issue in bringing your pet to the beach. Even if you pick up pet waste, you cannot remove all the germs or urine. It’s unsanitary. Remember, there are babies and young children at the beach who are constantly touching the sand and then their mouths and faces. Also, I really don’t want to put my blanket down on your dog’s petrified poo from last weekend.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Motorized Vehicles
Public beaches do not allow motorized vehicles of any kind. It’s a safety thing. No one really needs you ploughing down the beach at top speed in your four wheeler. A good rule of thumb: if it’s allowed on the road, it won’t be allowed on the beach.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Cigarettes
Cigarettes and other smoking trash make up a large percentage of the litter removed from US beaches each year. Cigarettes on the beach are unhealthy, unsanitary, and unwanted. Smoke at home or in your car before coming to the beach. If you can’t go without smoking for the few hours you’re at the beach maybe you should consider another locale for relaxing this summer.

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What Not to Bring to the Beach: Makeup
Leave it home ladies. If you do feel the need to wear makeup, apply it before you leave home. The heat of the sun plus makeup equals a mess. Take a break and go without your makeup for the day.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Plastic Bottles
You may be thinking to yourself what’s the big problem with bringing plastic bottles to the beach? According to the Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup, of the 7 million pounds of debris collected during their last cleanup, more than 40% was plastic. Of that number approximately 710,000 plastic bottles were collected. Plastic not only makes beaches unsightly it also kills wildlife like seabirds, sea mammals, and sea turtles.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Glass Containers
Most beaches in the US have gone green. That means that glass containers are likely prohibited. Even if your beach does not ban them, glass containers at the beach are just a bad idea. Glass containers can break and cause injury. Glass blends in easily with the sand and can create a dangerous situation, especially for babies and children on the beach. Do everyone a favor and bring a reusable metal water bottle instead.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Valuables
Leave anything of value including purses, jewelry, electronic devices, and large sums of money at home. You just don’t need them at the beach. Keep your driver’s license and a small amount of cash in a small change purse. Keep the change purse in your cooler well hidden from potential thieves. If you really can’t leave that MP3 player home, remember to keep it well hidden when not in use, especially when you leave your belongings to go for a dip.

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What Not to Bring to the Beach: Litter
Anything that causes litter is not only unappreciated on the beach but could also result in a huge fine if you leave it behind. While some beaches have trash receptacles, many do not. Try to leave only your footprints behind at the beach. Leave the disposable plates, cutlery, baggies, bottled drinks, and soft drinks at home. Instead bring reusable containers, bags, water bottles, dishes, and cutlery that can be packed up, brought home, and used again another day. This helps keep the beach and the environment clean and green.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Diapers
Regular diapers are not designed to be used while swimming. Please do everyone a huge favor and put swimming diapers on your little ones. And please, please, please dispose of the swimming diaper properly.

What Not to Bring to the Beach: Alcohol
Alcohol is prohibited on most beaches in the US. The only exceptions are private beach properties such as those beaches owned by resort hotels or private individuals. Alcohol consumption and the water can be a deadly mix, so it’s best to imbibe after returning home from your beach excursion.

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