10 Things that Can Cheer Me Up in an Instant

We all have a need to be cheered up at some point in time and we all have triggers that can do the cheering. Here are the 10 things that can cheer me up in an instant.

#1: Sunshine

I cannot tolerate a cloudy day. When the barometer drops, so do I. It must be something to do with being a Leo. I instantly cheer up as soon as the clouds move and the sun shines down. It is like an instant tonic, a high better than any drug or booze can provide!

#2: Chocolate

I know it is because of the chemicals in the chocolate, but it sure does a good job of cheering me up. I am a dark chocolate lover, but in a pinch I’ll settle for milk chocolate. Just don’t stand between me and my chocolate!

#3: Upbeat e-mail

So many messages I get are downers and depressing. That feeling can change at the drop of a hat when I get an upbeat message. Good news is always an upper for me.

#4: Upfront offers

Once you go through the work of writing and publishing an article you are almost on hold until you get the ‘offer’. Then the smile is back on my face instantly.

#5: PayPal notices

A PayPal notice is an instant cheer me up. Nothing makes me feel happier than earning a dollar or two. (I stress dollar or two!)

#6: When the Right Guy Gets the Ax

When one of the idiots on Survivor uses his or her deceptive moves to get a vote, and then that person gets voted off, it is an instant high for me!

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#7: Compliment or kind word

A compliment sure can turn a frown into a smile for most people. Unfortunately, we are more accustomed to criticism than praise. Say something nice to me, or to someone else, and make their day as well as your own.

#8: Unexpected money

Whether it is $1, $100, or $1,000, any amount of unexpected money will cheer me up instantly. Unexpected money is always earmarked ‘fun money’.

#9: Abby and her antics

A dog can give you that look that melts your heart and breaks down barriers. She can change my mood in an istant ahd she asks nothing in return.

#10: My husband

He’s a keeper for sure and he tries his hardest to keep me happy, which isn’t always easy! But when he does something totally unexpected for me, that is an upper for sure. When he smiles at me it does the same thing, but don’t tell him I said that!

There are a lot of other little things that can cheer me up in an instant including:

Watching a hummingbird land at our feeder for the first time, or

The very first rose of the season and how wonderful it smells, or

The first bite of fresh lettuce from the garden, so fresh and crisp, or

The fist ripe red tomato form the garden, it is almost a sin to eat it, or

The UPS or FedEx delivery truck with a package that I didn’t have to pay for, or

When I break something that will cost big bucks to replace but my husband fixes it instead, or

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When I get off the lawn tractor all stinky and dirty and then look at how great the lawn looks, or

When I say ‘thanks’ at the end of another day and ask for just one more hoping I get it!


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