10 Things You Can Do with Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is very affordable. It has more uses than you probably realize. Now days, most people give gifts in bags instead of wrapping them. This means you usually end up with a lot of tissue paper. This article will detail several uses for your extra tissue paper.

The first way you can reuse tissue paper is to use it in another gift. I always keep all the gifts bags and most tissue paper that my family receives. This will save you money since you won’t have to buy another gift bag and tissue paper. Of course reusing the tissue paper for this purpose all depends on how well it is holding up. Tissue paper gets pretty wrinkled and crinkled after a few uses.

Tissue paper works really great in craft projects. One craft idea is to cut up different sizes and colors of tissue paper and let the kids decorate wreaths, cards, you name it. They can even cut out shapes and glue them on.

If you want to be really creative try making flowers out of tissue paper. For details on how to do this you can go to google and type in “tissue paper flowers”.

You can use tissue paper as small table covers. Great for parties. For a catchier look trying layering different colors and sizes together.

Another way you can use tissue paper is to cover up a bulletin board. You can create a checkerboard effect by using different colors. To keep it all the same use the same color. You can put a matching trim around it.

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Tissue paper is great for packing or mailing breakable items. You can wrap it good with the tissue paper and then stuff more tissue paper around. It’s much prettier and less of a mess then the peanuts.

If you scrapbook tissue paper is a great way to embellish your pages. It works well wrinkled or straight. For a nice effect you can use decorative scissors to cut a cute pattern around the edges.

I mentioned earlier about tissue paper for kids crafts. Another craft idea (think rainy day) is to give the kids some tissue paper, glue, scissors and construction paper and tell them to go to town! This is a great way for them to use their imagination and think of something creative. It is always fun to see what they made.

One neat project I recently did was using tissue paper and then gluing them between a folded sheet of wax paper. We then decorated the edges. This made a very pretty sun catcher. You can cut out different shapes or just tear of pieces of different colors.

Tissue paper can also be used for painting. It can work two ways. You can lay it around you to protect the carpet (you made need to layer several sheets for this) or you can wrinkle it up and use as a sponge to paint the walls. It works really well and the wrinkles make the wall look great.

Next time you receive a gift in a gift bag save that tissue paper!