10 Things You Must Do When Visiting Cincinnati

When in Cincinnati you must do like the locals do. The locals love their sports, love their food, and love the Ohio River. So, not surprisingly, my list of to ten things you must do while in Cincinnati includes all of the above. Seriously though, Cincinnati is a great place to gain a few pounds downing a beer or two and watch a sporting event or two.

1. Play some corn hole. Corn hole is Cincinnati’s answer to horseshoes. Corn hole is a simple game comprised of boards set 30 feet apart. Opponents try to sink their bags into the hole. Teams are made up of two players each and the goal is to reach 21. Corn hole is all the rage and spreading to larger cities like Chicago rapidly. Check out webs sites like www.cornhole.org to find out when and where local corn hole tournaments are being held. You can also stop by almost any local fire department or quiet neighborhood street and find locals playing this popular game.

2. Eat at Zipp’s. Zipp’s is a fabulous little burger joint located in the Mount Lookout neighborhood of Cincinnati. They have been serving up their fabulous burgers for generation after generation. Lines easily form out the door and it is first come first serve. If you want to avoid the lines you can call in an order to go, but a lot of the charm is looking for and waiting for a table in their tiny little dining room. I recommend the chili cheese fries. Skinny fries are loaded up with processed and the view is magnificent.

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3. Eat at Skyline Chili. Cincinnati chili is well known throughout the world. Additions like Chocolate and Greek spices make it unlike any cheese and some non-Cincinnati style chili. It is unlike any other chili I have ever had. Conies and chili cheese fries are taken to new levels with this yummy concoction. Skyline Chili can be found throughout the city. They are a fast food chain with a Denny’s type feel. Waiters take your order, bring you your grub, and send you on your way with a full stomach. Visit them online at www.skylinechili.com.

4. Catch a Red’s Game. Ok, so the Cincinnati Reds may not be breaking any records, but their city loves them. Opening day is always sold out and lots of beer drinking goes on. If you make it to a game be sure to take a walk around the stadium. You can look out over he Ohio River from inside the stadium.

5. Take a boat ride down the Ohio River. There are many options for boat rides up and down the Ohio River. www.allstarchartersandtours.com is a great site for booking a boat trip. The weekend after Thanksgiving is a popular time for locals to take a boat trip, so book in advance if you are visiting g Cincinnati at this time.

6. Eat at Buskens. Buskens is Cincinnati’s local bakery. They make everything from donuts to fresh baked bread. They even make those little hotdog buns for conies. Buskens main store is located in Hyde Park, about 3 miles north of downtown. They have locations throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. You can contact their downtown store at 513-421-8869. They serve up a great cup of coffee and there is almost always a line in the morning for their sugary confections.

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7. Eat at Montgomery Inn Ribs. These Cincinnati ribs are famous throughout the word. From the minute I found out I was going to have to love there everyone kept barraging me to eat there. Happily I was not disappointed. You can order these ribs online as well at www.montgomeryinn.com.

8. Catch a UC Bearcats Basketball game. The fans in Cincinnati are definitely a little more into their local University of Cincinnati Bear Cats men’s basketball team than almost any other sporting even in the city. The stadium is often sold out, the crowd is into the game, and beer drinking runs rampant. What more could you want! They are located at the University of Cincinnati about a mile or two North of Downtown.

9. Visit Hofbrauhaus House. This copy of the German original actually a few feet outside of the City of Cincinnati limits, but is still deemed a local Cincinnati favorite. Huge long wooden tables support locals and tourists alike as they swill down beer out of mugs bigger than their head, the brew some of their own beer and it is fabulous. The food is a combination of bar food and German inspired favorites. Hofbrauhaus Newport is located at Third & Saratoga Streets, Newport, KY 41071.

10. Eat some Graeter’s ice cream. You just can’t go to Cincinnati without eating a little Grater’s. They make their ice ream the old fashioned way, slow churned, with very little air. This makes a dense ice cream that is creamy beyond compare. Their biggest seller is the raspberry chocolate chip. Stores are located throughout the Cincinnati area, but the most charming store is located on Hyde Park Square. Families gather around park benches outside Grater’s door and eat their ice cream all year long. Visit them online at www.graeters.com for store locations.

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