10 Things You Need for Your New Puppy

You and your family decided to get a new family member and your puppy is on the way, you just finished puppy proofing your home, but now whats next? Here is a checklist of the top ten items needed to welcome your new pup.

1. Water Bowl and Food Bowl
This is necessary for proper adjustment. The puppy needs to know what is theirs and what is yours. Take into consideration some puppies are scared of metal dishes, they can see their reflection in them. There are very good and sanitary plastic dishes sold at any local pet store as well.

2. Leash, Collar, and Pet ID Tag
Welcome your new puppy the right way with their own leash and collar. If you are rescuing your dog, they rescue does provide one for you. But if its a new start for them, they should have a new leash and collar. It shows them that they are starting over in a forever home. A pet ID tag says your pets name, address, and phone number. It is important to have if your puppy ever gets lost.

3. Dog Food
It is a good idea to talk to the rescue or breeder you are getting your puppy from and figure out what type of dog food your puppy is getting fed. You want them to be similar. Remember the puppy will have a difficult time adjusting and probally will not eat if the food is too different from what they are used too. Wellness offers a great variety of dog food that is extremely healthy for your dog.

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4. Dog Bed
Make sure you select a comfortable bed for your dog. This will make them feel much more at home and at ease.

5. Dog Crate
Have a dog crate ready for night time or select and area of the home where the puppy will sleep.Have their bed already in the crate or already in that area of the home. It eases the transition for the dog.

6. Dog Toys
Puppies are chewers. Their teeth are just coming in and they will chew on everything. Having toys for them to play with saves your furniture and your shoes. If you are getting a young puppy a large stuffed animal is normally a good choice, they snuggle with it at night and it gives them a sense of comfort. If you are adopting an older puppy, a Kong or chew toy is a good idea, they are more likely to chew than cuddle and this will keep them busy.

7. Greenies and Dog Treats
Greenies have vitamins that both dogs and puppies need. They also help to control tartar, bad breath, and plaque build up. Dog treats are always a nice reward and a welcoming present for a new puppy.

8. Bitter Apple
This is a deterrent that stops puppies from chewing things. Just spray on the area that you do not want chewed and once the puppy tastes the bitter apple, they will stop chewing. It does not harm the pup it just tastes extremely bad to them.

9. Travel Crate
Used for the ride home, it is better for them to be in a confined space until they reach your new home rather than panicking running around the car.

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10. Frontline
Ask the breeder or the rescue if your puppy has already had Frontline put on them. Frontline protects the puppy against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Always a good idea when entering a new environment and it will save you a lot of stress later.