10 Tiki Party Food Ideas for Your Next Tiki Themed Party

Here are 10 helpful Tiki party food ideas to remember when planning your next Tiki themed party. When planning a Tiki party you have to remember that the thing that makes any Tiki party, apart from grass skirts and Hawaiian slide guitar, is the food.

It would really kill the feeling to serve burgers and hot dogs at your Luau so stick to dishes with an island twist. Any thing tropical will do, but there are one or two things one should remember when planning a Tiki party that really amp up that Island vibe.

Tiki Party Food Idea #1.

Tropical fruits such as melons, pineapples and bananas always add authentic pep to your Tiki party menu especially so when served as fruit kabobs. Alternate the fruit by adding the fruit chunks with sweet meat pieces such as grilled ham, pork or chicken on skewers.

Tiki Party Food Idea #2.

Barbecued meats – Should be served as main dishes should be marinated in sweet and sour sauce or barbecue teriyaki before grilling.

Tiki Party Food Idea #3.

Use lots of Shrimp – It’s always a big hit at a Tiki party as are most other sea foods. If you can find mahi-mahi fish, they make an excellent entree.

Tiki Party Food Idea #4.

Pig roast- Most tropically inspired foods will add zest to a Luau and although tradition delights such as pig roasts are usually too complicated and take too much time and space, there are many ordinary foods that can be transformed into island specials.

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Tiki Party Food Idea #5.

When planning a Tiki party remember that beef satay, chicken, pork and fish can all be used as Tiki party fare. Keep in mind that many Polynesian foods are based on or basted with fairly sweet, sticky sauces and glazes. So most day to day household foods can be given a Tiki twist by preparation with these sauces.

Tiki Party Food Idea #6.

Island cooking shares many common origins with oriental fare, so many recipes found in Thai, Japanese or Malaysian cook books won’t go far astray at your next luau. One defining characteristic of island cooking is creative presentation.

Tiki Party Food Idea #7.

Foods served in hollowed out fruits such as melons, pineapples or coconuts will always be a hit at Tiki parties.

Tiki Party Food Idea #8.

Use banana leaves as platters as these are often used as serving or cooking utensils in island cultures.

Tiki Party Food Idea #9.

Bamboo skewers and the quintessential toothpick umbrella also add tropical flair.

Tiki Party Food Idea #10.

Don’t neglect the drinks and deserts. Fruit punches and mai-tais are old standards that never go far wrong. Coconut cream pie and pineapple upside down cake are two popular choices for Tiki parties.

The 1950’s and 60’s saw the birth of the Tiki culture in many social circles. And many of today’s traditional Tiki party foods are hand-downs from that era. One very popular dish at the time was a sauce made from blackberry jam and brown mustard. Heated over low heat, this sauce becomes a thick mixture in a couple of hours. It was usually served with Lit’l Smokies.

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The food on a toothpick phenomenon was born at these 1960’s cocktail parties. If one wants to draw inspiration from that cocktail culture, try and find an old 60’s cookbook with Tiki recipes.

Also keep in mind when planning a Tiki party that safety is very important. Grass skirts and paper decorations don’t play well with open flames. You want to close your Tiki party off with the sounds of “Island Love Shack” and not a three-alarm fire!