10 Tips for a Perfect Trip to Cowboys Stadium

A visit to the Dallas Cowboys home stadium, Cowboys Stadium, features many marvels and examples of modern technology at it’s best. A trip to Dallas Cowboys Stadium is one that should be planned from what route to use to arrive at the stadium to the best strategy to leave the stadium.

Best Route To Dallas Cowboys Stadium
The best advice for choosing the correct route is to use the Dallas Cowboys own map site, DallasCowboysMaps.com. This will send you on the path of least resistance from any area heading into the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Also remember one thing. Arrive early. The parking lot gates open six hours before game time.

Best Places to Stay for Out of Town Visitors to Cowboys Stadium
There are 15 quality hotels within minutes of Dallas Cowboys Stadium but remember to make reservations early. The three best hotels are the Courtyard by Marriott Arlington Ballpark, Sheraton Arlington Hotel and the
Hilton Arlington.

Where is the Best Place to Park at Dallas Cowboys Stadium?
Parking up close for Dallas Cowboys Stadium can be $75 or more. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives for parking areas across the street from the stadium. The Texas Rangers open up their parking lots to the public for as little as $20 a car but it is a long walk.

Tailgating Rules for Dallas Cowboys Stadium
For fans that are considering tailgating, make sure to know the local laws in the Dallas area. It is illegal to purchase package liquor after noon on Sundays. Purchase everything the night before the event to be safe. Tailgating is permitted in Cowboys Stadium but make sure to obtain the rules from their website. The tailgating spaces are a first come first serve basis and they fill up fast.

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Know the Gate Entrance Closest to the Seats Inside Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Make sure to check the Dallas Cowboys website and know the best entrance into Cowboys Stadium that will be a direct route to your seat. When purchasing ticket packages with parking passes they will put the ticket holder in the corresponding parking lot gate to the seats.

What Items Are Allowed Inside Dallas Cowboys Stadium?
No food or beverage is allowed into Dallas Cowboys Stadium and this includes bottled water. No audio or visual recording devices are allowed but I phones and small digital cameras are fair game. Most rules beyond this are similar to all other stadiums. Small backpacks and small purses only.

What is Normal Football Weather for Games at Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Up until November, short sleeves and shorts are good football attire but the weather in the winter is unpredictable. One thing to remember is the stadium is a dome stadium with a retractable feature that allows the staff to open on nice weather days. Always check the 10 day forecast leading up to the game but remember the weather is always going to be nice inside Cowboys Stadium.

What are the Best Seats for a game in Dallas Cowboys Stadium?
There are no bad seats in the house. With the mammoth big screen television scoreboard in the middle of the field it is impossible to miss the action. The scoreboard reaches from one 20 yard line to the other but also is viewable from both end zones.

Are There Any Places of Interest to Visit Once Inside of Cowboys Stadium?
The best advice for a first visitor from out of town is to arrive a day before the game and take the $30 tour. This will take you to every nook and cranny of the stadium. From Jerry Jones owners box to the Dallas star at the 50 yard line. This will also give you a good strategy to find your seats the next day and familiarize yourself with every aspect of the huge stadium. The tour is well with the $30 investment for this alone.

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What is the Best Strategy to Leave Stadium Once the Game is Over?
Relax and plan the day to wait out the massive exodus from Cowboys Stadium. Meander in the stadium and let everyone else join the chaos resulting at the end of the game. Traffic flow patterns are opposite of when arriving at the stadium. Check Dallas Cowboys Maps website for best possible route out of the city.