10 Tips for Buying Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers and baby gifts can bring alot of joy to everyone. It is so much fun to shop for baby gifts, and the new mother will be delighted to have cute baby items to fill up the nursery. But of course, sometimes gifts might never be used. Although the parents appreciate your thoughtfulness, the gift might just not be what they needed. Here are ten tips for shopping for baby shower gifts.

NOTE: This article is geared towards baby showers where you know there will be lots of guests there. If the mom-to-be is having a very small baby shower, and has just a small circle of friends (which is okay) some of these might not apply.

Baby Gift Tip #1 : Never buy Newborn or 0-3 Size Outfits

As a general rule of thumb, avoid purchasing newborn or 0-3 size baby gifts. The reason is that the new parents will probably get a plethora of them at the shower, and/or she might have already purchased some. Since babies outgrow the newborn and 0-3 size very quickly, there is no need to have that many.

I have known of several moms who had numerous cute newborn and 0-3 outfits that the baby never had time to wear. They usually ended up re-gifting them, or gave them away, new tags and all. Some babies are born weighing 9 pounds or more and won’t even fit into the newborn size! Unless the mother is having a shower with 10 guests or less, avoid getting these sizes. Also refrain from buying newborn sized diapers. Size 1 and above are perfect for diaper gifts.

Baby Gift Tip #2: For Baby Girls, Avoid Pink (It applies to boys too!)

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On this tip, you just need to use your best judgement. Pink is definitely the color for baby girls, but it doesn’t have to be the ONLY color. I have been to many baby showers where the mom-to-be received all pink clothing. While of course, its cute for girls to wear pink, it is nice to have some different colors. Therefore, I recommend buying adorable outfits in lavender, yellow, red, spring green, white, brown or even blue. It will be nice for the mom to get a little bit of variety! Sure, the baby won’t care but it’s great to have a good selection.

Baby Gift Tip #3: Avoid Buying Baby Blankets

Most moms end up with too many baby blankets. Although it’s a good idea to have several, a dozen or more is a little overboard. Therefore, try to avoid buying baby blankets, as the baby will probably get several at the shower. The exception to this is if you want to make a handmade baby quilt or personalized baby blanket, then it would be great for a baby gift.

Baby Gift Tip #4: Be Creative

Be the talk of the shower and get a creative gift! Read 10 Creative and Unique Baby Gifts and 10 MORE Creative Baby Gifts. Also, for some really funny gifts, read 5 Silly and Unique Baby Gifts.

Baby Gift Tip #5: Buy Disposable Diapers Only if You know She’s Going to Use Them

A large number of moms today have decided to “go green” and use cloth diapers. Therefore, there is a chance that she might not want disposable diapers. (Although I’m sure she might use them for travelling and outings, possibly.) If you aren’t sure, just ask the mom or a baby shower hostess.

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Baby Gift Tip #6: Include Batteries (With Gifts that Require them)

This is not a necessity, but it does provide a nice, thoughtful, touch. If you purchase a gift that requires batteries, it is an excellent idea to include batteries for the gift. The parents-to-be will really appreciate your kindness.

Baby Gift Tip #7: Cute Outfits are Always Great

I know this may seem like common sense, but don’t buy something you wouldn’t want your child wearing it. For example, if you would never dress your little boy in a shirt that says “Little Devil” or “Here Comes Trouble”, then why buy it for a friend? Don’t purchase an outfit that says “Spoiled Brat” for a little girl if you wouldn’t like your tot wearing it! You can never go wrong with a nice, adorable outfit.

If the parents go to church, and are having a boy, its definitely nice to buy the baby a decent church outfit – chances are, you’ll be the only one to give them this as a gift. As a reminder, try to get sizes that are at least for 3-6 months. 6-9 and 9-12 are perfect, because more than likely the baby won’t receive many at the shower. It’s not outrageous to give a 12 months size outfit as well – even 18 months if it is super cute.

There is nothing wrong with re-gifting a baby gift. However, make sure it is something of good quality and in style. Don’t re-gift a gift you hated.

Baby Gift Tip #8: Make Sure It is Season-Appropriate

This is another suggestion that is probably obvious, but the article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include it. I have known of moms that got gifts that weren’t season-appropriate. For example, don’t buy a cute summer dress size 9 months if the child is due in May. Sweaters are great gifts, but make sure the size matches with the season.

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One idea is to purchase gifts in advance, if you know that someone is pregnant and will have a baby shower in several months. It is rare to be able to buy winter gifts in the summer.

Baby Gift Tip #9: Gift Certificates Are Always Great

If worse comes to worse, you can never go wrong with a gift card! Gift certificates to stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Babies ‘R Us, and others will be sincerely appreciated. Of course, money is perfect as well!

Baby Gift Tip #10: Avoid Sleepers

If possible, try to avoid giving sleepers. Though it is a practical gift, but more than likely the baby will recieve plenty. Spend your money on a nice outfit or diapers instead. It is better for the mom to receive too many outfits than too many sleepers.

These are just a few tips for baby shower gifts. Have Fun at the Baby Shower! Happy Shopping!