10 Tips for Choosing a New Career

Nothing can be more frustrating and stressful than choosing a new career. Maybe you have been laid off and need a new career choice. Maybe there are not that many jobs out there for the career you have had in the past. Or, maybe you just are bored with your job and need a new one. Either way, choosing a career path that will benefit you, your family, and give you the income you need can be difficult. The following are 10 tips to help you choose a new career:

• What are your abilities and strengths?

If you are not good at counting money, you probably should not consider being an accountant or a financial planner. If you are not good with children, you probably should not be an elementary school teacher. Look for a career that fits your abilities and strengths.

• Do you work best in a fast paced job?

If you do better working in a past paced environment, consider bartending or a career in retail. If you do better working at your own pace, try a career that involves working in an office, such as a doctor’s office.

• What jobs are hiring?

The demand for certain jobs are much higher than others. Careers dealing with computer technology, nursing, and teachers are at a higher demand at this time. When choosing career, make sure it is something that you can be sure to get a job in and make enough money.

• What do you like to do?

Having a job that you hate is very stressful. It is best to choose a career that you will enjoy doing, considering you will be spending a lot of time at this job. If you hate cooking, being a chef is probably not a good choice.

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• What is your ideal schedule?

Knowing your ideal schedule is important when choosing a career. If you want to work mostly nights, bartending might be a good choice. Or, if you want weekends off, a career in a doctor’s office is ideal. If you want the summer off, consider becoming a teacher.

• Are you a people person?

It is hard to do a good job at a career that deals with good customer service skills if you are not much of a people person. Careers in retail, nursing, teaching, and restaurants all require great customer service skills. If you do not want a career that involves talking to people all the time, consider a career in freelance writing, construction, or web design.

• What training and experience do you have?

Consider jobs you have enjoyed and were good at in your past. Maybe you used to work at clothing store and have a lot of experience in retail. With this experience you may be able to have a career as a manager in a retail store. Or, maybe you have taken dance classes in your past. You could become a dance teacher and pass on your skills. Use what you have already learned and incorporate it when choosing a new career.

• Do you like working with a lot of people or by yourself?
If you do better working by yourself, it is probably not a good idea to consider a career that involves working as a team or group. You may be better off choosing a career such as journalism or owning your own business.

• What kind of job do you really want?

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Maybe you are retired and looking for a part time job that you will enjoy. Maybe you are a recent college graduate and looking to start your career. Know your ideal amount of hours you want to work and your financial needs.

• Make sure your resume is up to date.

No matter what career path you choose, it is always wise to keep your resume updated. Make sure you have included your past job history and your past education. Also, include your skills, strengths, and any other information that will show why you are a good candidate for the job.