10 Tips for Curing Migraines Permanently

According to Migraine expert, Doctor David Buchholz from the John Hopkins University, all headaches are migraines in the making. For this reason tips for curing migraines permanently apply equally to all forms of headaches. The idea is not merely to cure the migraine but prevent it by lowering the patient’s migraine threshold. Think of a stairway with your Migraine climbing until it reaches the top-and agonizing pain ensues. The following 10 tips for curing migraines permanently aim to keep your migraine so far below that it will never reach the top of the staircase.

#1. Avoid the 3 C’s

The elimination of certain foods from the daily diet has been helpful in curing migraines permanently. The 3 C’s refer to chocolate, caffeine and cheese. Chocolate is the most potent food induced migraine trigger. Caffeine is responsible for shrinking blood vessels in the brain, which then over-stretch as the effect of the caffeine wanes-resulting in what’s known as a rebound migraine. As to cheese, curing migraines permanently can be achieved by avoiding aged cheeses.

#2. Avoid Tyramine

Though little known by headache sufferers, the removal of Tyramine from the diet has been found most efficacious in curing migraines permanently. Tyramine results from the natural breakdown of amino acids in the body. Since Thyramine causes blood vessels to expand, the effect on blood vessels in the brain leads to migraine pain. To assist in curing migraines permanently patients are encouraged to avoid aged or preserved foods, even leftovers that have been in the fridge for more than a day. In addition, broad and fava beans, pickles, olives and sauerkraut, nuts and alcohol should all be avoided.

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#3. Avoid MSG

Moving away from MSG consumption has been found efficacious in curing migraines permanently. Though a natural substance in itself, MSG has been proven to trigger migraines. Since MSG is found mostly in processed foods like frozen meals or snacks, it is better (and healthier) to avoid it. For patients willing to make more drastic alterations to their diet, curing migraines permanently can be achieved by eliminating MSG in all its forms, such as carrageenan, which is commonly found in processed milk-based products like ice-cream, puddings or cottage cheese.

#4. Take Migraine Herbs

Some herbs have been found helpful in curing migraines permanently. Patients who take Butterbur and Feverfew on a daily basis succeed in lowering their migraine threshold and prevent headaches from starting. Though there are herbal preparations that claim to cure migraines, these typically contain Butterbur and Feverfew, which are far cheaper to buy separately.

#5. Take Migraine Vitamins

Some vitamins in conjunction with the herbs mentioned above have been found efficacious in curing migraines permanently. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) if taken at 200mg a day is helpful, especially when combined with 200mg of Chelated Magnesium.

#6. Maintain Regular Sleep Hours

A crucial step in curing migraines permanently revolves around sleep. Eight hours of sleep are recommended, no more, no less. In addition, the hours of going to sleep and waking should remain the same. Many people find themselves battling with migraines on weekends. Curing migraines permanently in this case may require nothing more than going to sleep and waking at the same hours as on work days.

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#7. Consider Taking Daily Medications

For patients who have a hard time falling asleep or maintaining a regular sleep cycle, certain drugs have been found efficacious in curing migraines permanently. Though not “sleep medications” such drugs induce sleepiness in addition to aiding the brain in the production of migraine lessening chemicals. Such drugs may include Amitriptyline, initially designed as an anti-depressant, or Depakote, an anti-seizure drug. Only a doctor may prescribe such a cure for migraines.

#8. Avoid Bright Light

In sunny seasons, curing migraines permanently can become more challenging due to the interplay between migraines and light sensitivity. For people working on bright computer screens, or who are in the habit of watching many hours of television, a minor sensitivity to light can turn into a painful migraine. To cure migraines permanently, patients should avoid exposure to bright light by use of strong sunglasses (such as these). The benefit of this cure for migraines may be extended further by wearing glasses indoors on days when a migraine flares up.

#9. Avoid Alcohol

There are two reasons why avoiding alcohol is efficacious in curing migraines permanently. Alcohol dehydrates the body which leads to a migraine commonly called a “hangover”. In addition, alcohol leads to a rise in Tyramine, which dilates blood vessels and brings on migraine pain. If giving up alcohol seems difficult, switching to high quality vodka is recommended.

#10. Be Aware of Your Triggers

Curing migraines permanently depends very much on the patient’s awareness of his triggers. For woman, the drop in hormone levels associated with the menstrual cycle often leads to migraines. In other patients, the exposure to two simultaneous migraine triggers that would be minimal separately may bring on a strong migraine when combined. Knowing your “danger days” and the triggers to avoid will help you in curing your migraines permanently.

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There are migraine pain medications that work on reducing the blood flow to the brain by contracting the blood vessels. Though these will cure migraines temporarily, they are notorious for causing a rebound migraine when the effect of the drug wares off. Even Opiates may bring on rebound heads if taken over a few days. Neurologists typically caution migraine sufferers against using migraine pain medications more than 4 times a week or in large doses.

Read about the author’s personal experience living with migraine headaches.

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