10 Tips on How to Create a Great Business Card

It is quite simple to create a great business card. There a variety of different computer programs available that allow people to make business cards. Here are ten tips on how to create a great business card.

1. Use a catchy sentence that people will remember. You want your business name and what you do to remembered. You want people to remember your business card so make sure it has a catchy sentence.

2. Use a picture that matches what your company is about. You want a picture on your business card that people will remember. You can make something that is easy to remember. For example, someone who has a teddy bear gift basket business can use a picture of a teddy bear in order to have people remember the company.

3. Make sure the text is large enough to read. You want the text and pictures be large enough to see. You want the text to be easy to read. Don’t use fancy text on the business card. Keep the text style simple so that people can clearly read the text without trouble.

4. If you are printing the business cards on a regular print instead of being professionally printed then make sure to get some business card paper. You can get luxury business card paper at any office supply store. They have a variety of luxury paper designed for business cards.

5. Make sure to include all of your contact information on the business card such as your telephone number and mailing address. If your company has a website then make sure to remember to put the website address on the business card. If you have a e-mail address then make sure to list the e-mail address on the business too.

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6. Put your job title on the business card too. Make sure to let people know by your business card what it is that you do and how to get in contact with you. Business cards are a great for advertising.

7. Double check your business card for any spelling errors along with any other errors. This is important so that your business card will look professional. Have a friend look at the business card before you have it printed. Other people can point out mistakes that we often don’t catch.

8. Don’t clutter your business card. You don’t want your business card to be overloaded with information. You want to keep your business card simple and straight to the point about what services or products that your company can provide. You can have a list of what services or product that your company can do, but just keep it simple.

9. Make sure that your business isn’t boring. People enjoy business cards that are interesting and memorable. You want your future clients to be impressed with your business card enough to want your service or product in the future.

10. Make sure that your business is full color. You want your business card to catch attention and color catches attention. Make sure that your business card has light toned colors so it isn’t overwhelming to the reader.