10 Tips on How to Exercise at Home

Everyone knows picking an exercise program you can stick with is a big factor in reaching your fitness goals. When it comes to exercise, there are several options, such as working out at a fitness center, attending organized fitness classes and exercising at home.

Working out at home has several advantages over a gym membership. It can be less expensive, quicker and more convenient. However, there are also built-in excuses, such as family interruptions, telephone calls and the TV or refrigerator calling your name.

Successfully working out at home can be accomplished with a little planning, discipline and creativity. Follow the ten tips below to get started on a home exercise workout program.

1. Select a few pieces of equipment. You don’t need a lot to get a total body workout at home. The equipment you decide on may depend on your budget and the space you have available. While complete weightlifting equipment and gyms are nice, they are not the only way to get in shape.

2. Consider purchasing a jump rope, a light and heavy set of dumbbells, exercising bands or tubing and an exercise ball. If your budget allows, include a step or mini-trampoline and a few exercise DVDs.

3. Make a date. Although exercising at home is convenient, it can also lead to procrastination. Set a time for exercise and mark it on your calendar as you would any other appointment.

4. Develop a variety of workouts. Doing the same thing everyday can get boring and prevent you from sticking with an exercise program. Mix it up. For example, lift weights one day, do an exercise DVD the next.

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5. Use your own body weight. Not all exercise require equipment. Squats, lunges, pushups and abdominal crunches are all examples of exercises that use your own body weight.

6. Get outdoors. Whether you live near a walking trail or in the middle of the city, consider getting outside to exercise. Go for a brisk walk, ride your bike, roller blade or jog.

7. Don’t go it alone. Some people workout better with a partner. Working out at home with a friend may help you stick to your schedule and stay motivated.

8. Set goals. Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, lower your cholesterol or train for your first marathon, setting fitness goals can help you stick with your home exercise program. Break your goals into steps with a date your want to accomplish it by. Reward yourself when your reach your goal.

9. Enlist the help of a professional. If you are new to exercise and can afford it, consider hiring a personal trainer. A trainer can teach your proper technique and develop a total body workout you can do at home.

10. Have some fun. Exercise at home does not have to be all pushups and lunges. Run around the yard with the kids, make an obstacle course, or play a sport. Learning to have fun with exercise can make it something you look forward to.