10 Tips on How to Make More Money as a Technical Writer

It is possible to make more money even if you only get paid $15.00 an hour as a technical writer employee for a nine to five job. Here are ten tips on how to make more money as a technical writer.

1. You can do freelance work as a technical writer for hundreds of dollars or more for each project completed on time and accurate. You can write manuals, employee manuals, or any other type of technical manual related work. Technical writers can make an extremely large amount of money after each project is complete doing freelance work.

2. Companies constantly hire technical writers almost all the time. It is pretty easy to get a part time writing project as a technical writer when you have previous experience. You can search the Internet to bid on technical writing projects such at www.elance.com website.

3. You can find leads for freelance work jobs at http://www.writersrow.com/deborahng/freelancewritingjobs.html website. A professional freelance writer named Deb NG updates the website almost each day with new job leads for different type of writers. She lists job leads on there such as technical writer, freelance writers, and copywriter job leads. It is a excellent place and probably one of the best website to get job leads from the Internet.

4. It is possible to make a enough money to be able to freelance technical writing as your main job or career. Freelance work allows you the freedom to work whenever you want as long as you meet the due dates and have projects completed.

5. You can do most technical writing from your house. Freelance technical writing enables you to set the price per hour or price per project completed that you want. Don’t agree to complete a project for a lower price than what you know you are worth.

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6. You need to send a e-mail to the writing technical job leads. Show them a few of your writing clips and tell a little bit of information about every company that you have done technical writing with in the past. You want to tell them exactly what type of text that you have wrote such as employee manuals or appliance manuals and other types of technical writing.

7. Before you begin any technical writing projects then you want to get paid half of the money in advance and the rest of the money owed to you when the project is completed. This will let you know that they are serious about paying you. You want to make sure that you only do business with companies that are reliable.

8. Apply for technical writing projects even if you don’t have enough experience. Some companies are willing to hire technical writers for freelance projects that have little or none experience whatsoever. All you need is enough knowledge to write text which makes sense. Make sure it gives the reader the impression that you know what you are talking about. You as an independent contractor in most cases as a technical writer needs to let the client know you are able to get the projects completed on time.

9. Each business day in your spare time make sure to e-mail companies that hire technical writers. If they write back saying that they currently don’t need any freelance technical writers at the moment then don’t worry since they will most likely keep your information on file. They might contact you in the future when they need another technical writer.

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10. Decide what your time and skills are worth each hour or per project for your writing. You want to make sure the amount of money being offered is worth your time and effort to complete a technical writing project. Don’t write for little money or not enough money that you aren’t happy with since you deserve more pay.