10 Tips on How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle

Whenever you sell a car or even buy a car then it is important to have a bill of sale for a motor vehicle. It is important to know the correct process of writing a motor vehicle bill of sale. Here are ten tips on how to write a bill of sale for a motor vehicle.

1. You need to include the information such as the car make and model including the year of the car. You should include the VIN number on it too. You want to include as much information as possible regarding the vehicle.

2. You need to put the old owners’ name of the car. You also need to include the new owner’s name of the vehicle on it too. You need to put the full legal name on there and also put your address on there.

3. You need to put the date on there too clearly spelled out on the paper. You need to make sure that you also remove the license plates off the car once you get the money after selling the car.

4. You need to include on the paper the price amount that you sold the vehicle to the person. You need to give them the title of the car and signing over the title to the car to the new owner.

5. You need to have the new owner and the old owner of the car make sure to sign the bill of sale of the motor vehicle. This is important since it implies that you both agree to the terms spelled out on the paper.

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6. Make sure to put your date on the paper by your signature. This is important that you have on the date there that you signed the paperwork. This is just part of the legal process of paperwork.

7. After the paperwork has been signed then you need to let the Department of Motor Vehicles know that you no longer own the vehicle and inform them that you sold it. Make sure to give them the person’s name that you sold it to. It is important to inform them of sale just in case the person gets into a traffic accident before they register the vehicle in their own name.

8. You need to send a copy of the bill of sale to the DMV just so that they have the information on file. It won’t matter if they have an extra copy from the new owner. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself.

9. Make sure to have another person there when you sell the motor vehicle. You need to have a witness just to be on the safe side. It is a good idea to have a witness for legal reasons just in case any situations come up in the future regarding the sale of the motor vehicle.

10. Don’t leave the license plates on the motor vehicle. Due to legal reasons along with liability reasons you need to make sure that the license plates are no longer on the vehicle.