10 Unique but Tasty Wedding Cake Flavors

Every couple-to-be looks for a unique wedding cake to wow the guests and create to create a truly memorable day. When it’s time to choose the wedding cake design, the choice of wedding cake flavors and fillings can make even a simple cake stand apart from the rest. Still, today’s trends of peanut butter, blueberry lemon, and even cinnamon for wedding cake flavors may be less than palatable for some picky guests. Here are just ten unique but tasty wedding cake flavors to consider for your upcoming wedding:

Wedding Cake Flavor: Chocolate Mint
If you’re both fans of chocolate mint ice cream, a wedding cake flavored with mint and chocolate liqueur is a royal treat. Chocolate and mint work well with a simple devil’s food cake, and can be topped with fudge frosting tainted with mint liqueur as well.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Orange Creamsicle
Orange flavored sponge cakes are a popular choice for summer weddings, but why not add a touch of cream to the mix for a richer experience? An orange cream cake is sure to please when it’s topped with a simple cream cheese or vanilla frosting.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Cherry Chip
Another great choice for spring and summer weddings, a cherry chip cake is a simple concoction of vanilla cake with cherry chips mixed into it. It can be a super sweet cake, that works well with a plain buttercream filling and frosting.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Nutella
If you’re both Nutella addicts at heart, this is your ideal match; hazelnut flavored chocolate cake can be a rich treat when it’s filled with either fresh Nutella, or a simple chocolate mousse.

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Wedding Cake Flavor: Raspberry Cheesecake
While some couples are choosing actual cheesecakes instead of the traditional wedding cake for their centerpiece, you don’t have to stray too far from tradition with a cheesecake flavored cake. Choose a white sour cream cake filled with a layer of cream cheese and raspberry for a tasty and unique wedding cake flavor that few will pass up!

Wedding Cake Flavor: Mexican Chocolate
This spicy chocolate cake is sure to perk up a few tastebuds; plus, the chili powder, spice, and dark chocolate blend can be a natural aphrodisiac. Look for a dark fudge chocolate cake flavored with a mix of spices for a unique twist on the regular chocolate varieties.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Tiramisu
If you both enjoy the classic Italian dessert, why not turn your wedding cake into this espresso-laden treat? Espresso infused cake layers filled with mocha and cream cheese filling is a great way to enjoy the flavors of Tiramisu in a unique way.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Apple Caramel
Love those candied apples? Convert it into a wedding cake flavor by choosing an apple spice cake infused with caramel flavoring. These can be filled with a rich caramel sauce and cream cheese frosting for a decadent treat.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Dulce de Leche
Another great wedding cake flavor for caramel lovers, this cake can be a simple stack of vanilla flavored layers filled with a fluffy caramel filling. A sour cream vanilla cake is another option if you want something heavier and dense.

Wedding Cake Flavor: Chocolate Cappuccino
Big fan of java? Choose an espresso-infused milk chocolate layer cake, and select a mocha or coffee-flavored frosting for a rich treat that all coffee lovers will appreciate.

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Choosing the right wedding cake flavor may take a few sampling sessions, but planning ahead with at least 3-5 top choices can make it easier to find a truly unique creation. From Nutella to Dulce de Leche, be prepared to taste test any of these ten wedding cake flavors for your big day!