10 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone

The holidays are approaching rapidly and Christmas shopping is in full swing. Choosing the right gift for each person can sometimes be difficult, not to mention expensive.

On average, a person spends anywhere between $800-$1100 on Christmas presents. Most of that gets added to a credit card balance that is more than likely already sky high. Credit card users then spend at least the following eight months, trying to pay off that one Christmas.

It can be a never ending cycle. Eight months, the credit card bills are down and you are getting ready to start all over again.

One of the best ways to keep your costs down, is to select a particular type of gift and build on it for each person on your list. That is what is behind the concept of the gift basket.

Gift baskets make perfect gifts for anyone, and can be modified for even the difficult folks on your list. They are generally theme oriented, which makes them practical and easy to fill. The best part is that they can be filled rather inexpensively, usually for around $15-$30 depending on the contents.

Try a few of these unique gift basket ideas this holiday season and delight in the fact that you know you have just given a very inexpensive, but practical gift.

Breakfast In A Basket – This is the perfect family gift, but might need to be prepared the day you plan to give it, so food doesn’t spoil. Fill your basket with egg and pancake shape molds, a couple of bottles of flavored pancake syrup, and a bag or box of pancake mix. In addition, add a dozen eggs, a bottle of juice, and bag of gourmet coffee or tea.

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Crate of Crafts – The dollar stores generally offer a nice selection of plastic storage items, such as containers and crates. Pick up a crate and fill it with the gift recipients favorite craft items. For a scrapbooker, you might include different types of adhesives, papers, stickers, die cuts and other types of embellishments. For the cross stitcher, things like embroidery floss, plastic organizing containers, cardboard wraps, needles, cross stitch charts and perhaps a current issue of a magazine are perfect. Don’t forget artists, quilters, and other crafts.

Book Lovers Basket – A few paperback novels or the latest releases might be the perfect gift for the book fanatic. Throwing in a few special bookmarks, a highlighter, a nice pen set and a notepad is often a nice addition as well. You might even throw in a couple of packets of hot chocolate, coffee or tea in a mug, so they can enjoy their books with a nice hot cup of something delicious. Other ideas might include a candles, a nice book of poetry, a soft, cozy blanket and throw pillow so they can get comfortable while reading.

Gardener’s Gift Basket – It may be a little off season to give this type of gift basket, however most new home owners or garden affectionado’s will appreciate exactly this kind of basket. Fill the basket with flower seed packets, gardening gloves, water can, gardening tools, pots in various sizes, a bag of potter’s soil and decorative items for the garden. You might also wish to include a manicure set,
hand scrub and lotion, and a few different flavors of iced tea packets.

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Pedicure Party Gift Basket – Allow your gift recipient to take a little time to pamper themselves after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Fill the basket with foot scrub, toe spreaders, a foot file, a nail file, cuticle sticks, a loofah sponge, a couple of bottles of nail polish and a cozy pair of slippers.

Grill Masters Gift Basket – The perfect gift for the grill lover on your list. Fill the basket with lots of different seasonings and sauces, an apron, a package of skewers, a barbecue tool set, a platter, and a grilling towel.

Homemade Goodies Gift Basket – Especially good for the elderly or a single guy who might not otherwise enjoy homemade goodies very often. Fill with brownies, bars, different types of cookies, and breads. Jot the recipes down on index cards, tie with a festive ribbon and include inside the basket.

Holiday Lovers Gift Basket – If that special person you are finding a gift for enjoys the holidays as much as Santa Claus, why not give them a basket full of holiday cheer. Fill the basket with holiday items, such as ornaments, candles in holiday scents, holiday towels, bowls, and figurines. You might also throw in a few needed items like a bulb tester, a package of ornament hangers, and a package of replacement Christmas lights.

Collector’s Gift Basket – Does your friend have a collection of something that she cherishes? Fill the gift basket with teddy bears, teacups and pots, angels, or whatever else they might collect. Finding items that go with their collection is probably not as difficult as you would think.

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Stress Buster Gift Basket – There are probably more than a handful of highly stressed people on your holiday shopping list. Why not give them a stress buster gift basket? Fill the basket with a stress reliever ball, candles with relaxing scents, a relaxation CD, a hot/cold eyelid gel mask, a massager, packets of chamomile tea, bubble bath and a box of chocolates.

Baskets can also be filled with miscellaneous items such as coffee mugs, magnets or key chains that correspond with your basket’s theme.

The ideas are limitless when it comes to gift baskets. Just brain storm on your recipients hobby’s, activities, and life and you’re sure to come up with the perfect basket idea for them. With a little thought, some imagination and a bit of creativity, you will give a unique and treasured gift to everyone on your list without driving up your credit card bills.