10 Unique Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

Babies are always a cause for celebration. Here are some unique newborn gifts that will express your joy.


While newborns are too young to read themselves, audiobooks are a unique gift that can provide parents with a break. Classic children’s tales on CD can be played any time of the day and will help baby develop language skills.

Guitar sonatas

Studies have shown that playing classical music for newborns helps them develop intellectually. Pick some unique and soothing recordings by Segovia or other classical masters and let the warm vibration of guitar strings and beautiful arrangements put baby to sleep at night.

Music boxes

Putting a newborn baby to sleep or getting them to stop crying can be quite a challenge. Pick a music box that plays slow and soothing melodies to help calm the little one down. This unique gift idea will also help mom’s frayed nerves. Classic lullabies are always a good choice, and bright colored figurines are fun to watch.

Name a star

Honor the new addition by naming a star after him or her. Registry services now exist that let you pick a real star. You will even receive certification that can make a great addition to a gift card. As the newborn grows older, they can enjoy the excitement of having a star named after them, and brag to their friends.

Invest in America

Start the newborn on the path to the American dream. Buy stock certificates for strong brands that can be used as a college savings fund. What infant wouldn’t want a future share in Coca Cola or General Electric?

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Toys that project light

Several types of toys are available for newborns that project light in unique patterns. Such a gift will help put baby to sleep at night. Fish tanks that play music and spread colorful rays of light are fun and relaxing. Glow in the dark adhesive stars stick to the nursery ceiling and provide an imaginary night time sky.

Fuzzy creature pajamas

Help baby keep warm and look adorable at the same time. Pajamas with stuffed ears, tails, paws, and padded feet are bound to charm everyone. Critter suits can be found in many stores for tots and are always a great and unique gift idea.

Lotion basket

Create a bundle of baby lotions, ointments, diaper rash creams, and so on. That way mom is prepared for the itches, scratches, and rashes little ones inevitably acquire.

Baby mittens

Tiny fingernails can damage sensitive newborn skin. Special baby mittens are available to cover those tiny fingernails and keep little ones from scratching their faces up. That way those fat cheeks will always look squeezable and soft.

Homemade blankets

If you can crochet, make a unique blanket with the newborn’s name on it. Parents will likely save these hand-made treasures as keepsakes for the child to appreciate as they grow older, and everyone will feel loved when they think of the hard work that went into the gift.

These unique newborn gifts are bound to bring a smile to that soft baby face!