10 Unique Things You Can Do with Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft publisher not only can make it real easy to publish flyers, and brochures, but you also can do resumes calendars and other things with this program. This program is a desktop publisher program that is real easy to use, and easier to learn. In fact you can even make a website with this program that takes you no time at all to design and upload. Here are some of the best things that you can do in Publisher.

1. Websites: You can use their templates and customize it to your own liking with Publisher. They will have the templates laid out that you add your information and even the links are done with this program. It’s really easy to do. They have an upload manager that wizard that will help you upload the files to your website. This program creates professional looking websites that take no time at all to create. Everything is step by step and things can be changed easily. You can make your website as many pages as you want and need, and all the links will be created automatically.

2. Resumes: Even though Microsoft work is know to make resumes you can also make them in Publisher. The nice thing about publisher is that you can type your information once and have the program change the look of your resume without you typing the information again. This is nice if you want to make a chronological resume and quickly change it to a Curriculum Resume with just a click of the mouse. They have several layouts that you can choose from and all of them are professional looking resumes that you can create yourself. You can then save the file as a word document, or as a Rich Text Format which you can then email it to employers.

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3. Greeting Cards: You can design greeting cards quickly in Publisher. They have the basic layout for the cards, you can then personalize the card by adding your own photo, and verse, or choose to use the preset verses that are included in the program. These are fast to create and are ready to send out in no time. Not only can you make greeting cards, this is also great to use for invitations, and announcements.

4. Banners: This is one of the easiest programs to create your own banner. In other programs it is super hard to figure out how to spread the banner across many different sheets of paper to get the length that you want but Publisher solves all those problems. You can choose the length of the banner that you want, they have the basics done for you, all you need to do is personalize it and change the clip art if you want, and it will have it preset to print the whole banner out in just a few steps.

5. Flyers with tear off tags: If you make a flyer that you want to add tear off tags you know that it’s hard to format the tags to go sideways so that it can be easy for others to tear off a phone number. Publisher has it built into to many of their flyers. Just add the phone number and it will format to create the tear off tags along with the cut lines so you know exactly where to cut between the numbers. What used to be a pain to format is now as easy as clicking the mouse.

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6. Signs: Yard sale season is coming up. Here you can create signs for your yard sale and print them off.

7. Certificates and Awards: If you are a teacher or a home school teacher you can create your certificates quickly there are many to choose from in Publisher.

8. Calendars: The program allows you to create calendars and add your own photos. You can choose from one month per page or a year per page. Each one can be custom made for your needs. The months and years are already preformatted so you don’t need to guess which year is a leap year.

9. Business Items: You can create your own business letterheads, invoices, business cards, and forms and have the formats all matches each other like professional printers would do. This can be done quickly and used over and over again. This gives your business a professional look easily. You can also do business website and email with Publisher.

10. Paper folding and Origami Projects: Microsoft Publisher has some designs in there already that you can print out and do.

There are many more options that Publisher gives you that you can use for everyday tasks. It is one of the easiest programs to use and design and create your own projects for things that you need in everyday life. Once you start using Publisher you will learn that there are many things that you can do faster and better with this program.