10 Unique Uses for Johnson’s Baby Oil

I always keep a couple of bottles of Johnson’s™ Baby Oil at my house. You may think I keep it on a bathroom shelf. Actually, I keep a bottle in the bathroom and a bottle in my tool box. The beauty of baby oil is that, while it’s gentle enough to use on a baby’s skin, it’s versatile enough to use around the house for other tasks too. Here are 10 unique uses for Johnson’s™ Baby Oil you can use at your own home to make life a little easier:

1. Keep Yourself Warm When the Weather’s Cold
Massage your skin with baby oil before you get dressed, and it will help you stay warmer during the cold weather months. The oil closes your skin pores and helps insulate your body. It will also smooth and moisturize dry skin!

2. Quiet Door or Window Squeaky Hinges
Pour some Johnson’s™ Baby Oil in a small spray bottle. Then, anytime you hear an annoying squeak from a door or window hinges, simply squirt a little baby oil on the offender. Wipe up any excess oil with a clean cloth or paper towel.

3. Use Baby Oil to Remove Bubble Gum
Kids love to chew bubble gum, but it’s difficult to remove the sticky goo from their faces and fingers. The next time you need a gum remover, reach for the bottle of baby oil. Pour a small amount on a tissue or paper towel. Rub it directly on the goo and it will come right off!

4. Massage Your Stress Away With Baby Oil!
Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, massage your body and you’ll feel the tension melt away. Using a massage oil will help reduce the friction between your hands and skin. A cheap, yet effective lubricant to use is Johnson’s™ Baby Oil!

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5. Use Baby Oil to Shave With
Baby oil not only softens your skin, but it can also be used to soften your beard or the hair on your legs. To use it, simply pour some in your hands and rub it on the skin area you’re going to shave.

6. Remove Fresh Paint From Your Skin
You’ve just finished painting your bedroom and your skin is all spattered with color. Pour a small amount of Johnson’s™ Baby Oil in your hands and the paint will come right off! Just wipe your hands with a paper towel and they’ll be good as new!

7. Clean and Polish Your Wood Furniture
Mix up a cup of baby oil in a small spray bottle with a tablespoon of lemon juice; shake well. Spray once on a soft cloth, then clean and polish your wood furniture. The lemon juice will clean, while the oil will add add lubrication and shine to the wood.

8. Remove Sticky Price Stickers Off Glass Items
Use a dab of baby oil and a cloth to take those pesky price stickers off glass containers and other items you’ve purchased. The oil will soak into the paper label and release the sticky bond. Then, wash the area in sudsy water and rinse well.

9. Remove Make Up With Johnson’s™ Baby Oil
Pour some baby oil on a cotton ball, then use it to clean off eye shadow and other makeup off your face. After you’re done, rinse your face with cool water and dab your skin dry with a soft cloth.

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10. Fix a Sticky Zipper Easily
Pour some baby oil on a clean cloth, then wipe it along the teeth of a sticky zipper. Then, hook the zipper together and run the fastener up and down a few times. It should work fine now, without sticking or hanging up!