10 Unusual Things to Do in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is certainly one of the most fun and bustling cities that you can visit. That being said it also has a great variety of strange attractions that can make your vacation much more unique. Here are 10 unusual things you can do in Austin.

1. Watch the largest urban colony of bats in North America. You can watch the spectacle from a variety of places including the shore of Town Lake, the Congress Avenue Bridge where they nest, and even kayaking tours that take you just beneath them. Each night these bats take off in a flurry of noise and wonder.

2. Take a cemetery tour of some of the most notable Texans to walk the state. This is a great way to be different and to get a history lesson without wanting to fall asleep. Try the Texas State Cemetery that dates back to 1851.

3. Join in or just watch the O’ Henry Pun Off that takes place in Austin each year in May. The contest is fun spirited but can get a bit snippy. This is something that is good fun for all who partake and it is easy to join in the fun.

4. Visit the French Legation museum. This historic home used to be a foreign embassy right in the middle of Texas. Experience the history of Texas and the beauty of this elaborate home.

5. Have a custom hat made in the style of the greats. Look like you fit right in with your own custom cowboy hat crafted by the best hat makers in Texas.

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6. Spend a day among the wildflowers at the National Wildflower Research Center. Abandon the structured tours and tourist attractions and spend your day among thousands of wildflowers and the people that make them possible.

7. Visit Spamarama, a tribute to all things SPAM. Rather than spending your day going on boring tours stop by this historic cook off and taste some of the dishes that these talented Texans come up with.

8. Visit the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. This is a yearly festival featuring gifts, crafts, art, and music and is fun for the entire family. Rather than spending your Christmas looking at lights, get out and rub elbows with the locals and come away with some great items.

9. Visit the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. This is not your average museum. The sculpture garden consists of dozens of sculptures, a museum component, and often hosts outdoor events in the gardens that are included in museum admission.

10. Partake in theJuneteenth celebrations in Rosewood Park. This holiday is observance of June 19th as the African American Emancipation Day. Enjoy sun and fun as this inspiring holiday unfolds all around you.

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