10 Upbeat Country Songs for Girls-Only Road Trips

‘Upbeat country music’ and ‘road trip’ go together like peanut butter and honey, mustard and fries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Whether you and your girlfriends are heartbroken or hearty-hearted, here are 10 girl power-infused and upbeat country songs perfect for any girls-only road trip.

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #1: American Girl. All hail “beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American” girls! This one has a thrice-stamped ticket to success: It’s cute, it’s super catchy, and it’s delivered by uber popular American Idol winner turned country sensation Carrie Underwood. If you want to feel good about yourself and your roots, this one’s a winner.

Upbeat Country Road Trip Songs #2 and #3: Born to Fly and Suds in the Bucket. Sara Evans turns in a potent double-shot of girl power with these two tracks. Both tunes explore the concept of breaking away from one’s roots in search of a dream, so what better music is there for a roadtrip?

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #4: Bye Bye. This one’s a kick-’em-to-the-curb, I’m-outta-here, girl power rocks kind of tune, just perfect for ladies on a mission to re-live and forget. If there’s a newly single gal among your ranks, this one from JoDee Messina is a must-have.

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #5: This One’s for the Girls. Life may move on and things may change over the natural progression of time, but Martina McBride reminds us that it’s all good. We are who we were made to be, and that’s a beautiful thing. So roll down those windows and crank up the volume!

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Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #6: Nineteen Somethin. Mark Wills’ nostalgia-inspiring hit is essential for ladies who remember the 1970s and 80s. It’s a rockin’ look back at the things that made being a kid and a teen in the decades of “Farrah Fawcett hair” and “parachute pants” truly awesome. It may not be a girl-power song, per se, but it’s such an emotion-inducing tune that it begged for a spot on your list.

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #7: Settlin. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles throws down the relationship gauntlet with this hit when she refuses to settle for less than “everything” she wants. You go, girl!

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #8: Good-Bye Earle. This darkly comedic song from the Dixie Chicks reminds listeners to never, ever underestimate the power – and will – of a girl and her best pal. Got a bone to pick with a boarish ex? Pop this one into the CD player an let it roll. It’s guaranteed to elicit a chuckle and a gasp.

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #9: Passenger Seat. From the talented trio SHeDaisy, Passenger Seat is pretty simple: It’s a song about roadtripping with your significant other, just enjoying the ride. And enjoying the ride of life – and your roadtrip – is essential.

Upbeat Country Road Trip Song #10: Wild at Heart. Gloriana’s catchy song is all about letting go and embracing your freedom. Release it, girls, and have some fun!

There you have it: 10 must-have country songs for your girls-only road trip. Happy travels!