10 Uses for an Ice Cube

So you think an ice cube’s sole purpose on this earth is to cool your drinks? Think again! The ice cube has a secret identity, full of practical purposes and unique fixes that are often overlooked. Check out these 10 household hints that will save you money and put that frozen water to good use. Each one of these tips has been used, and loved, by my family since I was a little girl.

1. Whenever I spill something on my clothing I use an ice cube to remove the offending spot. It is much easier to use than cold water from the tap since, unlike water, the ice cube is concentrated and stays in one place as it removes the spot. I have yet to have a set in stain thanks to this tip!

2. Want to take your partner’s breath away in bed? There is nothing like an ice cube being drawn across every inch of your skin. The sensation is strangely incredible, awakens your senses, and makes hot, sticky nights a lot of fun.

3. Reduce puffiness and eye strain with a wrapped ice cube. Every once in a while I wake up to puffy eyes, or I get eye strain from all the computer work. My solution is as close as the freezer. I take an ice cube, wrap it in a small towel, and leave it over my eye for a few minutes at a time. Then I switch eyes and do the same thing until I notice less puffiness and/or tiredness. Works every time!

4. Ice cubes have been a faithful standby for gum removal for at least as long as my grandparents have been around. Just rub the ice on the gum, let the gum harden, and pull it off of the surface. This saved my hair, and clothes, plenty of times when I was a kid (I just loved blowing those big bubbles!), and it works fairly quickly.

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5. Ice can be a great drain freshener – just put a handful of cubes into your garbage disposal and run cool water as you grid them up. The ice will break up greasy buildup and leave your drain smelling fresher.

6. Back before the days of A/C, my family used to put a bowl of ice in front of the fans on hot, summer nights. This always worked and kept me cool as a cucumber as I slept. I still do this during those nights when the air is warm, but too fresh and fragrant to shut outside. It is a great compromise since I get fresh air and still keep cool!

7. Going on a short trip and want to keep your plants healthy? Use a few ice cubes around the base of the plant and, as they melt, the ice cubes will do the watering for you. My grandparents still use this technique for watering plants that are too much trouble to reach on a daily basis.

8. If you’ve bumped against something and don’t want to bruise, try rubbing an ice cube over the injured area. The cold from the cube will cause the blood vessels to constrict and may prevent or lessen the bruising. This will also help with any swelling in the injured area.

9. Every time I have a splinter, I grab an ice cube and numb the area before pulling out the splinter. Honestly, 99% of the time, the area is so numb, I cannot feel a thing!

10. Get rid of headaches the natural way. I fill the tub with hot water, then make a cold compress (using ice cubes, of course!) for my head. The result is quick headache relief without medication thanks to the vasoconstriction action that takes place. My grandparents used this technique and it has now served 3 generations of us very well.