10 Voynich Manuscripts Quick Facts

If you have heard about the Voynich Manuscripts, no doubt you have seen one website after another that gives too many details. In summary, here are the top 10 facts you need to know concerning the Voynich Manuscripts trend.

1. They gave the Voynich Manuscripts project 100 years.

As of February 2011, the officials in charge of the Voynich Manuscripts decided they were going to give up on translating the documents once and for all. The first attempts to translate them were shortly after their re-discovery in 1912. (The Epoch Times)

2. How many years did they spend translating the Voynich Manuscripts?

When it came to the Voynich Manuscripts, everyone was so fascinated by the drawings in the book. Because pictures make it easier to translate an ancient unknown language, they thought the project would be over quickly. However, after 100 years and thousands of dollars, no one got the job done. (CBS News)

3. Why they finally decided to give up on the Voynich Manuscripts.

When you have a lot of pictures to work with, it makes it easier to translate something. Everyone thought they would eventually figure out the pictures that went along with the writing and crack the code of the manuscript. However, they were not successful. (PhsyOrg.com)

4. Why the Voynich Manuscripts are more difficult than the DaVinci Code to translate?

In order to translate something, one key is to have a few ideas concerning what the symbols, characters, or glyphs mean. If you can’t find a commonality, it becomes impossible to translate. (PhsyOrg.com)

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5. Who was the author of the Voynich Manuscripts?

At this point, no one knows. At one time, many speculated that it may have been a young Leonardo DaVinci. However, the University of Arizona shows that this was written in the early 1400’s before Leonardo Davinci was born in 1452. (Edith Sherwood)

6. Why is it called the Voynich Manuscript?

It is named after the American merchant that bought it in Rome in 1912. His name was Wilfrid M. Voynich. (Wikipedia.org)

7. How old is the Voynich Manuscript?

It dates back to the early 15th century. The date was determined by the University of Arizona and investigated by their Physics Department. Before this study in 2011 by UA, everyone thought that the Voynich Manuscript was from the early 16th century. (UANews)

8. Why would someone have made a secret language like the Voynich Manuscript?

The pictures through the manuscript are of flowers and science. Most likely, a scientist invented a secret code or language for recording their data because they didn’t want competitors stealing their work. (boingboing.net)

9. Where does the Voynich Manuscript come from?

This is the biggest mystery yet. (Wikipedia.org)

10. Where is the one place that I can learn everything I could ever want to know about Voynich Manuscript facts?

The guided tour of all of the art and the interpretations are professionally contained at the Voynich.nu website.

11. What is weirder than the Voyich Manuscript?

Try the Rohonc Codex. It’s an interesting read about a system of graphics and writing that originated in Hungary in the early 1900’s. It’s really interesting if you like graphic design, stenciling, or graffiti art. (Wikipedia.org)