10 Ways to Cure Morning Sickness

First of all, if your reading this you know the term “morning sickness” is a lie. Morning sickness just starts in the morning, then continues during the day, through the afternoon and on late into the night. But as I have been going through “all day pregnant sickness” myself for the past two months, I now know many ways to ward of this unpleasant side effect of pregnancy that effects about 75% of women.

I have tried everything my mother and mother in law suggested, my doctor, other pregnant friends, old wives tales and hours worth of research on the subject online. I have tried something new almost every day and I have found some very effective ways to at least curb, if not cure morning sickness.
so here I am ready share with you the top ten things that work the best:

1. Get up slowly! Once your alarm wakes you up in the morning turn it off and don’t move for about 5-10 minutes. Just lie there and eat a few saltine crackers or ginger snaps, then slowly get out of bed.

2. Have saltine or ginger snaps by your bed and eat one or two every time you get up to go to the bathroom. If you have nothing in your stomach it’s easier to get queasy and sick if your stomach has nothing to digest.

3. Sucking on sour hard candy such as life savers or lemon drops. I was leery to try this one at first because the mere thought of candy made me sick. But out of desperation I tried it now I always keep some in my purse.

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4. Drink plenty of water! That has always been one of the best things for your body and right now is no different. It will help flush your body and keep you feeling fresh.

5. Drink plenty of raspberry tea. It does not matter if you drink it hot or cold, it will help!

6. Drink a cup of flat coke. I know it sounds nuts but it works, just make sure the coke is completely flat.

7. Eat several small meals a day (about 6.) Once again, I didn’t want to eat anything but making the effort to eat really helped.

8. Vitamin B6, this is usually prescribed by almost every doctor who helps treat pregnancy morning sickness.

9. Keep some tums on hand and eat one or two after every other meal.

10. When ever you get up or sit down do it slowly. Just sitting up to quickly can be enough to make you feel sick. It can also make you feel dizzy.

These things worked really well for me and I hope they help you out also. Just remember when you feel really sick, why you’re sick. I can promise you a less sick day is near, for most women morning sickness will only last 12-14 weeks,at most 9 months. Good luck!