10 Ways to Get Energized Without Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are great for a quick pick-me up, but they can often be loaded with too much sugar, which is bad for your waistline, and too much caffeine, which can be dangerous to your heart. They often can cause you to severely crash later on, too, which will leave you reaching for another one. These sugary, addicting beverages are definitely not the best way to get a good dose of energy, so here are a few simple, healthy tips that are great ways to make you feel more energized throughout your day:

Eat a big breakfast
Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and eating a big breakfast will give you plenty of energy, but I’m not talking sausage biscuits or bacon and eggs here. It’s best to eat healthier options like whole-grain cereal, yogurt, and fresh fruit. The B vitamins from the cereal and natural sugars from the fruit will give you plenty of energy, and this kind of breakfast is also great for those who are on a diet because it keeps you fuller longer and you eat less later in the day.

Snack on nuts
If you get hungry during the day and need a pick-me-up, have a handful of walnuts or almonds. They pack a powerful protein punch and are another food that provides lasting energy. As an added plus, they’re a very healthy, vitamin-packed snack that’s good for your hair, skin, nails, heart, and they may even help you live longer.

Drink green tea and coffee
If you can drink your coffee black or with a little artificial sweetener and cut the cream and sugar, it’s actually rather good for you, especially when it comes to heart health, blood circulation, and concentration. It’s best to drink your cup of coffee slowly, because this provides more of a lasting energy effect, and don’t drink more than three cups a day. Another good caffeinated drink that gives you a dose of antioxidants and provides an abundance of health benefits is green tea. Just avoid that bottled stuff and make your own.

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Drink plenty of water
Dehydration can make you feel very tired and sluggish, so be sure and drink plenty of water throughout the day. You don’t have to overdo it; just keep a big bottle of water handy for when you feel a little thirsty. It’s best to buy a refillable water bottle, because this way you’ll also be helping the environment.

Sniff a citrus scent
There are a variety of ways you can introduce a burst of citrus scent into your day, which is supposed to be very energizing. You could snack on an orange; light a citrus candle; keep some citrus oil or potpourri on your desk; or wear a citrus body spray or lotion. Not only will you feel more awake and alert, you’ll smell great and energize everyone around you.

Listen to some music
If you work somewhere where you can listen to music or you’re at home and need an energy boost, listen to some upbeat music. Listening to some of your favorite fast songs won’t just make you feel more energetic, it can also cheer you up and make work and chores at least a little more enjoyable.

Move around
Whether you can do a quick little workout at your workplace, take a walk, or just get up and stretch every now and then, moving around is a good way to wake up. No matter how hard it may be, just make yourself get up and move somehow, even it’s just stretching or walking to the bathroom and back. Every little movement really helps.

Take a B vitamin
With your lunch, you may want to take a Vitamin B complex vitamin. B Vitamins are great for boosting energy, but they don’t stay in your system very long and need to be restored throughout the day. Taking these important vitamins in the middle of the day can really help improve the way you feel (and they’ll also give your immune system a boost).

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Rest your eyes
If you stare at a computer screen all day long, your eyes are going to feel dry and tired, which can make you feel tired all over. So it’s a good idea to turn your head away from your computer about every half hour and just look off into the distance for a minute or so to give them a little break.

Enjoy the sun
Natural light can help boost your energy, so if you sit next to a window, let the sunshine in. Not only will it make you feel good, you’ll be getting a dose of the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D. And if you don’t sit next to window, try to sneak outside to stand in the sun for a “sunshine break”.

If you’re trying to break your addiction to energy drinks, hopefully some of these tips will help. I’ve tried them all out, and they really do make a difference. The great thing about many of them is, not only will they make you feel energized, they’ll improve your overall health, as well, and energy drinks definitely can’t offer that.