10 Ways to Make Money Off of the Internet

The Internet is a great place to make money. Everything you put on the Internet is accessible globally. There are many sites geared to making money on the Internet and many ways to go about doing it. Some of these ways to make money are free, others charge a small fee. Here is a list of ways that I have made money off of the Internet.

Sell on auction sites. Sites like Ebay and Yahoo auctions are great places to sell things you don’t need or that you bought to sell. Nothing is guaranteed, and if you do sell something, it may wind up selling for less than you want the item to sell for. There is no guarantee that your item will sell, but you can guarantee that if it sells, you will get what you want. The only ways to guarantee this is to put the item up for buy it now, start the bidding at what you want for the item, or set a reserve for the item. Ebay has fees and Yahoo is free.

Sell on “consignment” sites like Half.com and Amazon. These sites will allow you to put up an item and keep it up indefinitely until it is sold. When the item sells, you have to pay the site a percentage of what you receive

Get your own website to sell things on. Yahoo and free-webs both have sites that you can get for free to start up until you fell that your site is good enough for a domain name of it’s own. The site won’t generate much traffic by itself, so you will have to do some promotion.

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Make up an interesting website with nothing to sell. Put things like forums and blogs on it and have fun info on your site. The way to make money off of something like this is to get advertisers. The advertising pays for the site and you get to keep the rest!

Survey and paid email sites are good for making money. These are free, but it takes along time to earn anything. Be careful about these sites, many of them put viruses and spyware on your computer.

Paid games are a great way to make money on-line. The most common site is skill jam. on this site, you pay 50 cents to play a game where you have a 50% chance of wining 75 cents, and $1 to $3 to play in tournaments where you can make as much as $40 or more.

There are sites like Break.com where you can get money for putting up videos of yourself ad your friends. There are some good videos on break, but most are stupid gag videos.

There are many contests that you can enter-usually for free. There is everything from poetry contests to contests where the prize is a college scholarship.

There are some sites where you can design things like t-shirts and hats. If your design is liked by enough people,you can receive a lot of money. There is a lot of competition in this field. I’ve submitted over 100 designs and still haven’t had one picked.

And last, but definitely not least by far, freelance writing sites like Associated Content, Helium, Constant-Content, etc. If you play your cards right, you can actually earn enough to make a living off of freelance writing alone. Just remember not to give anyone exclusive unless you can make a lot off of the article or you have to because you can usually make a lot more off of the article by selling it to many different places.

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There are all sorts of ways to make money off of the Internet with little or no startup cost- some people even do it with little or no brains!