10 Ways to Make the Most of a Grand Opening of Your New Business

You and the rest of the staff have been working long hours in order to get ready for grand opening of your new business. You need to be prepared for grand opening day of your new business. Here are 10 ways to help you make the most the most of a grand opening of your new business.

1. Advertise on radio and in newspapers about the grand opening of your business a few weeks in advance. The ads needs to catch attention of people and give them a reason to visit your business. Offer a coupon to customers for only the first three days of grand opening day. The more you advertise then the more people will visit your business on grand opening day.

2. Have extended hours on grand opening day. Extend the hours for a few extra hours in the morning and at night time for the first few days of grand opening. You will get customers at all hours. You will attract more people by having extended hours.

3. Have extra staff working on grand opening day. You want the customers to feel that the company has enough staff helping customers. The more staff you have then you can generate more sales since the customers will get any questions answered or need help finding items in the store.

4. Make sure the staff does know where most everything is at in the store and is able to answer questions. The staff needs to know the lay out of the store and where all the items are at. Make sure that the staff can answer most of the customers questions. Customers aren’t impressed when an employee doesn’t know where anything is at or can’t answer many questions.

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5. Make sure the staff does wear nice clothes. Company shirts usually look professional. You can always order some company shirts. Make sure that the staff look clean and neat. Don’t let the staff wear tongue rings or any nose rings at work especially during grand opening.

6. Don’t make the customers wait in long lines. Make sure to have extra cashiers available so the customers don’t have to wait in long lines. You can impress the customers if they don’t have to wait very long to purchase items.

7. Make sure the cashiers know how to operate the cash registers. Some people view slow cashiers as a poor reflection on the company if the cashier hasn’t been trained on how to operate the cash register correctly. The cashiers need to smile and be friendly to the customers.

8. Sales Associates need to know the script. The sales people need to sound friendly and professional. They need to be confident and actually like the products that they are selling. The sales associates need to cheerful and smile. Customers can tell when someone does really enjoy a product or if they are just pretending to like an certain item.

9. The sales people need to know information about the products. Customers can also tell when sale associates are just reading off the box of a product instead of actually explaining information about the product themselves. Customers appreciate sales associates that are honest and know what they are talking about.

10. Make sure your inventory is all priced and the rest of store is organized. Organization and having prices on each item will impress the customers. People will visit your store again if they are impressed and like the items in the store.