10 Ways to Recycle Paper

All or most of us are trying to live “greener” and recycle so as to save our landfills and the planet on which we live. Here are 10 ways you can help by “recycling paper”.

1. Reuse printer paper that has only one side with print on it. Use it as scratch paper to make notes on or let your youngsters use it to color or scribble on. Cut it into fourths and staple it together to make it note size and more compact.

2. Make your own kitty litter using old newspapers. Just shred, soak in dish detergent and baking soda, and allow to air dry. Get details at www.planetgreen.com. Newspapers are a natural odor absorber which is what you need for kitty litter.

3. Reuse old wrapping paper to cover textbooks. This will serve 2 purposes, recycling paper and protecting the books. Just use an old book cover as a template. Wrapping paper comes in all kinds of cool patterns and colors, so search through the paper at your next party or at Christmas and save the pieces you like for this purpose.

4. You’ve probably done this before, but if you haven’t, use old newspapers to pad packages you need to mail. Instead of purchasing packing materials such as bubble wrap at the store, you can reuse your old newspapers for free. Also, when you buy appliances or other items that include packing peanuts, you can reuse these by tossing them in the attic, to supplement your attic insulation.

5. You can create art by using old newspapers! Spend time with your kids making Paper Mache projects by simply using strips of newspaper and paint. Visit www.howstuffworks.com for free projects.

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6. Shred old newspapers and use as stuffing for handmade pillows and animals. It works just as well as purchased filling.

7. Piece together pages of your child’s artwork and use as gift wrap. Only use the ones you don’t want to keep of course. This is a creative way to show off your children’s art. Also use the comic section of the paper as gift wrap. This is a fun way to cover a gift.

8. Donate your old newspapers to local animal shelters. They are in constant need of newspapers. They use them to line the cages of the animals for sanitary reasons.

9. Use old newspapers in your garden beds to deter weeds. This will save you from having to purchase weed killer, and it will decrease the use of harsh chemicals in your soil. Layer 4 to 6 sheets side by side until you cover the desired garden bed. Then soak with your hose and add a layer of mulch.

10. When camping and using a sleeping bag, place a layer of newspapers underneath. It will keep your sleeping bag dry, and free from stains. It will also provide a layer of warmth.

There are many more ways to recycle paper. Just use your imagination or google recycling paper and you can find more ideas.


planet green.com