10 Ways to Refresh Your Cabinets

The cost of replacing cabinetry can be very expensive, not to mention time consuming and messy. In many cases, the cabinets themselves do not actually need replacing, homeowners simply get tired of their old, worn out look. Here are several things you can do to refresh your cabinets and give them a brand new appearance. Cabinets will appear brighter and completely renovated when you use these ways to refresh your cabinets.

Clean the wood – The first step in refreshing your cabinets should be to clean the wood. Most of us wipe the doors down often, but this doesn’t really clean them properly. The Family Handyman recommends using mineral spirits and No. 0000 steel wool or synthetic steel wool to thoroughly clean the wood. For more detailed instructions on how to refresh your cabinets with proper cleaning, CLICK HERE.

Install new hardware – New cabinet hardware is an inexpensive way to refresh your cabinets. Depending on how many drawers and doors you have, this project could cost you anywhere between $ 25 – $ 50, or even less. Cabinet hardware will completely change the way your cabinets look, and they help keep the face of cabinet surfaces clean and finger-print free.

Replace old hinges – Over time, cabinet hinges wear out and begin looking pretty dull. You can easily refresh your cabinets by replacing the hinges. Keep in mind that if you are replacing both the hinges and the hardware, you’ll want to select them with a coordinating finish. For example, if you selected pewter hardware, you wouldn’t want to install solid brass hinges as the two finishes would clash horribly against one another.

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Add glass doors – An inexpensive way to refresh your cabinets in the kitchen is to remove a few of the wood doors and replace them with glass doors. This is a nice way to show off prized china, teapots and other collectibles, and it gives the kitchen a brand new look.

Remove cabinet doors – To refresh your cabinets in the kitchen, and spend absolutely no money whatsoever, remove the cabinet doors from several of your cabinets. This open-door design is very popular, and provides immediate access to the things you use most in your kitchen. Many people store their dishes and glasses in these open-door cabinets.

Add decorative railing – There are several different types of decorative railing that can be installed along the top of cabinets. Galley rail and spindle rail both come in many different style varieties, and are a nice way to refresh your cabinets. These decorative railings can be mitered to fit corners for a smooth look, and are available in wood finishes that will match your existing cabinetry.

Paint the room – Believe it or not, the paint color around your cabinets has an impact on their color tone. If your cabinets are looking dull and tired, adding a fresh coat of paint in the room can really help brighten them up. Liven up the room with an invigorating shade of yellow, red or green. When coupled with the other suggestions found here, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to refresh your cabinets by painting the space around them.

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Install pull-out shelves – Pull-out shelves can be installed cabinet doors to maximize space, reduce back strain, and give refresh your cabinets. A pull-out shelf kit can be purchased from your local home improvement store, or a cabinet specialty shop for an affordable price. CLICK HERE to read more about this DIY project.

Replace toe kick – Located between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor is an area referred to as ‘toe kick’. This materials was likely installed at the same time as your cabinetry. Over time, toe kick can become scuffed and worn out and very unattractive. Therefore, another way to refresh your cabinets is to replace the toe kick material.

Add cabinet accessories – One of the most exciting ways to refresh your cabinets is with space saving cabinet accessories, especially if your updating your kitchen cabinets. Built-in spice racks, appliance garages, and space saving Lazy Susans are just a few different things you can use to refresh your cabinets and make the most of your space. CLICK HERE to read more about these cabinet accessories.

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