10 Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyles

Up ‘dos are very popular for weddings and many of the popular bridal magazines are featuring them as a popular option. Along with some of the top ten wedding up ‘do hairstyles, here is some basic information to help you make the right choice when it comes to up ‘dos. By the way, if you have short hair, don’t despair because if you plan ahead or use extensions, you could have a up ‘do on your wedding day. Just remember that hair grows, on average, about half an inch per month (this can vary so think about how often you need a trim and how quickly your hair grows and use this as a guideline).

Keep in mind that some brides like to have the best of both worlds and may choose an updo for the wedding and a different style for the reception. This is entirely possible if you plan carefully.

Ten Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyles: Basic information

To make things a bit easier, sites such as Brides.com, located at www.brides.com/beauty/hairstyles/guide/getting_started provide some basic guidelines for those who want to have a wedding up ‘do. You can see the full information there but you’ll want to focus on choosing up ‘dos, which flatter your wedding dress, suit the occasion, feel natural for you and your personality and are options which you or your hairstylist can easily create. I’ll cover some more of this information as each up ‘do is discussed.

Ten Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyles: Casual Styles

If you prefer to be in jeans and sweats rather than in formal dresses or going out to dressy parties, you might want to opt for a casual wedding and up ‘do. This type of style also suits the bride who plans to be married outside, perhaps on the beach or in a very informal setting.

Casual Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle One: Beach or Outdoor-Casual

This is a loose and slightly tousled wedding hairstyle. To make it even more appropriate for an outdoor wedding, consider tucking a sprig of a more common, but lovely, flower in your hair. This goes well with an A-line dress or other wedding dress with simple lines and not a lot of decorative details or frills. To see one example of this style, you can look here: www.brides.com/beauty/hairstyles/gallery/editorspick/detail/114138 As the photo indicates, the hair is not held tightly in place but loosely curled to frame the bride’s face.

Casual Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Two: Pinned-up curls or ringlets

You can see one version of this style here: www.brides.com/beauty/hairstyles/gallery/editorspick/detail/125505 .As you can see, the goal is to achieve an effect of gently pinned up curls. Add a simple headband, perhaps metallic or with a bit of sparkle, or a tiara and you are set to go. Again, a simple dress would be most appropriate with this style, keeping with the casual wedding updo hairstyle. This would be perfect for an outdoor or simple, low-key home wedding, with a backyard reception.

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Casual Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Three: Sideswept or parted on one side and pinned.

While still meeting the criteria for a causal wedding up ‘do, this one can be adjusted to be a bit more fancy, depending on the accessories you add to your hair. To see an example of this particular style, look here at Brides.com:


And be sure and click the close-up details. This style starts with a part on one side of the hair and then the hair is gently brushed or pulled back and held in place with an appropriate wedding hair accessory, perhaps one that has been in the family for generations. Jeweled or crystal hair combs are an excellent choice for holding the hair in place. An extra hold mousse is suggested for this style. This looks nice with low-cut or bias-cut gowns.

Ten Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyles: More Formal or Traditional looks

Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Three: Classic

Do you consider yourself a die-hard romantic? Are classic romantic movies like Sleepless in Seattle or While you Were Sleeping found near your DVD player? If so, you might want to consider a classic romantic wedding up ‘do hairstyle. It’d suit your romantic soul perfectly. Take a look at this one:
http://www.brides.com/beauty/hairstyles/gallery/editorspick/detail/125467 .With curls piled high on the head and hair swept way back from the forehead, this style showcases a strong forehead or puts focus on the bride’s face while adding extra height and glamour.

Perfect for an heirloom wedding dress and absolutely stunning with dangling earrings or a sparkling tiara. This look has pizazz but with that traditional look that might feel best for you.

Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Four: The Up ‘do with a Veil

Distinctly different, this look is one that can go from wedding to reception! Why? Because the veil is actually pinned under the up ‘do and the bride doesn’t have to remove it or struggle with a veil after the wedding. Have a look at one example here: www.brides.com/beauty/hairstyles/gallery/editorspick/detail/144686 .To get a similar effect, be sure to meet with your hairstylist, bring along a photo and try out this style ahead of time to make sure you feel comfortable with a veil added under your up ‘do.

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The look is charming and free-flowing but you do need to be used to it. Some brides like this and others consider the veil a bother. It can be removed but you’ll want to practice that as well and hairspray should be kept on hand, perhaps with a bridesmaid or other guest. This looks lovely with a sleeveless dress. With the veil, you don’t need much more except perhaps a necklace and some simple earring. The updo itself doesn’t have to be a particular style, although this look is best suited to longer hair.

Wedding Updo Hairstyle Five: A Modern Look

Consider yourself a bit eclectic or zany? Do traditional or “old-fashioned” looks seem boring to you? Then consider trying a modern up ‘do! You’ll stand out from the crowd so be prepared for a bit of extra attention for that. If you are the first in your area to try the newest fashions and you like being distinctive or different, then the modern look could be just what you like. One example? Right here: www.brides.com/beauty/hairstyles/gallery/editorspick/detail/162093

To achieve a similar look, sweep hair high atop the head, bringing along a photo to show to your stylist or practicing this yourself. A major focus is on the hair ornament,one that really makes a dramatic statement, oversized artificial or real flowers, with the effect exaggerated a bit with lace or ribbon. Not for the faint-hearted but perfect for the right person. Go with simple stud or equally small earrings and if you have the panache to pull it off, consider blue eyeshadow.

A few strands of hair should be pulled out to frame the face, adding the final touch to your modern wedding up ‘do hairstyle.

Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Six: Sexy, Edgy and Young

This one goes even further when it comes to making a unique statement on your wedding day. Be forewarned: with a wedding up ‘do like this, the focus will be on your hair and your dress and accessories should be kept simple, simple, simple! You can see one variation here:


To get this look, be sure to have lots of strands of hair spiking out in all directions and have one large section pulled back from the center of the face. To complete this wedding up ‘do, leave plenty of strands hanging down. This one might be best left to a wedding or other hairstylist to get the right effect. Pair it with a wedding dress with simple lines.

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Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Seven: Wavy

Have a look at the image towards the bottom of this page: www.sethair.com/hairstyles/updo-hairstyle.html .Distinctly tousled, this wedding hairstyle works nicely for curly hair because you can let the curls go a bit wild and still end up with a lovely look. Best for long hair and one with some natural curl and paired with a hip or more modern dress.

Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Eight: The Easy Up ‘do which is Ideal for Medium or Long Hair

This is actually an up ‘do you can create yourself so it would fit into a budget wedding. Practice does make perfect, however, so have a look at one variation here:

www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip1249.htm .

The page is located at hairboutique.com. Step-by-step directions are given and you’ll need mousse, a paddle brush and possibly a curling iron, depending on how fine your hair is. To create this style, you start with a ponytail that is pulled high on the crown of the head and then follow the directions on the page, adding hair accessories as desired.

Wedding Up ‘do Hairstyle Nine and Ten: The Pineapple and the Basket Weave Styles

These two are actually rather stunning as you can see here: www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip949.htm
at hairboutique.com. Unless you are a professional stylist, you’ll need a hairdresser to get the right effect and end up with hair that has a basket weave or very wild look, truly similar to a pineapple, at least when it comes to hair fanning out from the back of the head. Both of these styles are very decorative, primarily in the back of your up ‘do. If you’d like to emphasize a stunning back or low-cut dress with an emphasis on your shoulders or back, go with one of these styles.

Check out these looks and the resources listed and find the perfect wedding up ‘do for that special day. Don’t forget that nearly anyone can wear an up ‘do, now that extensions are an option and that your hairstyle should match your personality, dress and the mood of the wedding. Practice ahead of time, get used to the look you’re going to wear and – most of all – be prepared to have fun!