10 Weird Facts About the Human Body


There is perhaps nothing more unique then the human body. Our bodies are truly functioning pieces of art. Ever wanted some interesting (and odd) facts about your body here are 7 unique facts about the human body:

  • 1. Tongue prints- similar to our finger prints each of us have our very own tongue prints. The dips cracks and curves of your tongue are unlike those of any other. If you want to keep your identity a secret it might be best not to stick out your tongue
  • 2. A smelly issue- while other members of the animal kingdom seem to have a better nose then we do; the human nose is certainly sensitive. We are capable of remembering over 50,000 different scents.
  • 3. Losing bone-Did you know as babies we have more bones then our parents? Upon our arrival in this great world we have about 350 bones in our body. The average adult has 206. This is in large part to our bones growing and fusing together.
  • 4. Looking blue- newborn babies are always born with blue eyes. While your eye color can quickly depending on your parents genes. There is a lack of exposure to melanin in the uterus. Once we are exposed to ultra violet lights our eyes become their true color
  • 5. What a cry baby- humans are the only animals in the kingdom who use tears as an emotional outlet. We are the only ones known to let out a few tears when they don’t feel good, or are tire or just feel like being cranky
  • 6. Fear is making you waxy- felt afraid lately? Noticed more ear wax? For reasons that scientists have yet to understand it turns out when our brain senses fear we naturally produce nearly twice as much ear wax.
  • 7. Freezing nightmares- recently scientists have made coloration between sleeping in a cold room and frequent nightmares. The reasoning is unclear but if you want to have those more peaceful dreams of if the idea of nightmares seems a bit frightening then it would be a good idea to invest in keeping your room a bit more toasty at night.
  • 8. Tall span- if you want to learn about how tall you are try spreading your arms. Right down to centimeters our arm span is an excellent indicator of height.
  • 9. Speedy sneeze-if you seem someone about to sneeze or cough well look out because we sneeze at rates of over 100mph. Coughing fits can reach speeds of upwards of 60 mph
  • 10. It’s a dirty body-germaphobes can breathe a sigh of relief but our bodies are covered in about 300 million bacteria at any given moment. Luckily the vast majority of them are harmless if not helpful.
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In conclusion these are just a few of the strange bodily facts. After all the strange and weird facts one thing remains are bodies are simply amazing. We truly are a priceless work of art and why not celebrate your uniqueness