10 White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Wedding Bands happen to be pretty common, and are usually very easy to find at most jewelry stores. Following is a list of the top ten white gold wedding bands and where you can purchase them.

1. The Convex Polished Wedding band comes in white gold and platinum. The price for this ring in white cold will cost you about $253.00 online at www.abazias.com. The width of this white gold wedding band is 6mm and comes in a variety of women’s and means sizes. This ring can be customized but your options do vary depending on where you purchase the ring form.

2. The Legend 1/8ct Diamond Wedding Band has five beautiful round diamonds. This wedding band can be found at http://www.kmart.com for only $299.99. If you are a little weary because it is coming from Kmart don’t be because it also comes with a certificate of authenticity. This ring is made for men and comes in a variety of sizes.

3. Zales Diamond Clover Band has 1/4ct T.W. Diamonds. You will find that the round diamonds and a wonderful touch to this white gold wedding band. The average price of this wedding band is about $430, but you can purchase it online for only $299.99 at http://www.zales.com. You can also visit your local Zales Jewelry store to find this ring. The standard ring size is 7 but it is customizable at just about any Zales Jewelry stores. This particular ring is specialty made for women.

4. The Princess Diamond Cut Channel Band in 14K White Gold is available at Zales.com. The average price of this wedding band is about $1500 buy you can find it at the Zales website for $999.99. It comes in sizes six through nine, and comes with a lifetime diamond commitment. You can also find this diamond at your local Zales store.

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5. The Milgrain white gold diamond wedding band comes with round cut diamonds. The edge has a beautiful Milgrain design all the way around on both the top and the bottom. This particular wedding band comes in a variety of sizes and the average price is about $1000.00. You can find this ring at your local Macy’s store in the Jewelry department or online at http://www1.macys.com. This particular wedding band comes in women sizes only and is customizable.

6. The White Gold Comfort Fit Wedding band is the basic classic comfort wedding band. This particular ring is available in 14 or 18kt white gold and is a total of 5mm in width. The average price of this ring is about $750.00 but you can purchase this ring at the Jewelry Central online store. There is also a variety of women and men’s sizes.

7. The Celtic Spiral Wedding Bands come in 14kt and 18kt white gold. The width for the women’s wedding band is about 4.4mm and the men’s wedding band is 5.8mm. The average price is about $300.00, and can be purchased at your local jewelry store or you can purchase it online at http://www.ringsfromireland.com. This particular ring has a beautiful Celtic spiral design all the way around the band. This ring can be customize to your specifications.

8. The 14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band has a beautiful hammered finish. The width is about 6.5mm and can fit both men and women. You can also purchase this ring in 18K or Platinum. You can also choose to have it customized to your specifications. The average price is about $400, but you can purchase it online at http://wedding-band-ring.com for only $350.00. You can also request this design at your local Jewelry store but they may have to order it.

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9. Hand Carved Designer Wedding band for only $350 online at http://wedding-band-ring.com. This is an original design that comes in 14K white gold and is really different than what anyone else has. The width measures about 4mm wide for women and 9mm wide for men. This ring also comes in a variety of sizes but it will cost you a bit more money for the larger sizes.

10. The Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band will cost you about an average of $700 but you can find it online for only $350 at http://wedding-band-ring.com. It comes in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes and has beautiful polished edges.

Most of the wedding bans described above also come in 18k white gold and platinum. Make sure that when you visit your local Jewelry store you take along a picture of the ring you have in mind or at least a simple drawing. This will help them to find the perfect match for you. If you want any special engravings on the ring than you should make sure that you ask before you pay for the ring.