100 Things to Do when You Are Bored

1. Turn on your favorite music and dance.

2. Get a pet.

3. Rent and watch a funny movie.

4. Go to the store and read all of the humorous greeting cards.

5. Write in your journal.

6. Read.

7. Go to the library.

8. Surf the Internet.

9. Take a bubble bath with candles and music.

10. Become a big brother or big sister.

11. Clean the house.

12. Do laundry.

13. Rearrange the furniture.

14. Change the lighting.

15. Make a list of 100 random things about yourself. (Books you like, clothes you wear)

16. Write outdoors.

17. Video games.

18. Watch T.V.

19. Download music.

20. Find things to donate to Goodwill.

21. Make hemp jewelery.

22. Make greeting cards.

23. Write a letter.

24. Write a poem.

25. Visit a friend.

26. Do a good deed.

27. Take a walk.

28. Go for a drive.

29. Bake cupcakes.

30. Bake and decorate a cake.

31. Rent a movie – your choice.

32. Do yoga.

33. Meditate.

34. Read the newspaper.

35. Watch the news.

36. Read the phone book.

37. Try on all the clothes in your closet.

38. Write down 25 things that make you happy.

39. Write: 10 Minutes of Contemplation. Write all of your thoughts and associations as they occur for 10 minutes.

40. Plant a plant.

41. Mend damaged clothing.

42. Paint.

43. Draw.

44. Work on a puzzle.

45. Go swimming.

46. Make a things to do list.

47. Write down some goals.

48. Listen to music.

49. Clean the mirrors and windows.

50. Tend to the potted plants.

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51. Go to the park and swing.

52. Talk on the phone.

53. Go somewhere busy and people-watch.

54. Prepare a budget.

55. Write down some things you would like to save money for.

56. Play an instrument.

57. Crossword puzzles.

58. Word Searches.

59. Reflect on how something works.

60. Write a short-story.

61. Write about your dream home.

62. Write about your dream man/woman.

63. I-AM-BORED.com

64. Find things to sell on e-Bay.

65. Google your name.

66. Work on a web site.

67. Do the MySpace thing.

68. Read the dictionary.

69. Visit: http://1lilgrl.livejournal.com

70. Answers.Yahoo.Com

71. Make a list of things to google.

72. Play solitaire.

73. Cook.

74. Use a telescope to find planets.

75. Bored.com

76. Write all of those letters you’ve been meaning to write.

77. Read Instant Karma

78. Detail your car.

79. Get a job.

80. If you already have a job, get a second part-time job.

81. Blog!

82. Write for Associated Content.

83. Exercise.

84. Rearrange your closet.

85. Google your favorite subject.

86. Chat on-line.

87. Go shopping.

88. Have a yard sale.

89. Babysit.

90. Work overtime.

91. Sleep.

92. Visit someone you have not seen in a while.

93. Go to the mall and see how many free samples you can get.

94. Go out to a movie.

95. Take some on-line courses.

96. Read a magazine.

97. Vacuum.

98. Find clothes to consign.

99. Post a classified ad.

100. Pick a room in your house and write about it. Be as descriptive as possible.